Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Prime Purchases

Last year I saw Andrea post her favorite Prime Purchases, and she was linking up to Tayna who hosts the link up. Super fun, right? You see what I'm buying that I don't need/purchasing and we all get to then want to buy all the things, keeping the economy going right there. Click here to see my past purchases. Okay let's get started! Okay this is a day late, but hey I got it out right?

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So I know this is totally touristy and all, but I notice whenever we're on a vacation where there is a lot of sitting around at the pool, I never take pictures, because don't want to ruin my phone. So I bought these, I got one, in Magenta. Then Mr. said he might as well get one too. He was pretty sure his phone was water resistant, but didn't want to take the chance, at under $10 worth it to buy now than pay the resort prices.

Before school ended I bought Baby Fox this workbook, I've bought them the last 2 years, I've typically bought the year he was going into, this year was no different. I bought the 3rd grade math book. Well the 3rd grade math book assumes you've gone through 3rd grade, makes sense, but most of it is Multiplication! Oops, Baby Fox knows the mechanics behind what it is, but doesn't know it. When I saw Lindsay bought these for her son, I knew they were perfect, so I grabbed some too. They came in the mail day before yesterday and he's obsessed. We spend a lot of time in the car, so he's going to practice in the car probably.

 Baby Fox also wants to learn cursive before he gets to 3rd grade, so we got him this book. It's great because it has you practice the letters and then to practice writing the letters together they have you write bible verses and at the end of the book, there are some fancier pages so you can give the pages to family and friends, which I think is cute.

We're headed to Hawaii with some friends, and we decided we wanted to make tie dye shirts...I bought this tie die, the reviews are pretty good, I'll get back to you on how it works and how many shirts we get out of it. We're making them tonight!

Baby Fox went to his first real all day camp a couple of weeks ago, and they were making lanyards, do you remember those plastics things you use to make as a kid? Well it stands the test of time, because Baby Fox is obsessed and wanted me to get him some, I'm surprising him with some for our trip. It's a long flight.


Baby Fox loves reading, he saw this book at a friends and wanted it, it took him 2 days to read.


I finally jumped on the packing cube train! I bought two sets of these. I was able to use them and pack Mr. for an 8 day trip in a carry on suitcase. See that recap here.

Last thing, well not really I got a bunch of random stuff I'm sure no one else has any interest in...but I love these headphones. They're cheap so if you loose them, not a huge deal. The last pair I bought on Amazon Day, so it lasted a good 11 months, pretty good, considering I use them at least 3 times a week. 

So that is what I've been buying lately. Truth be told most of these things were bought in the last 10 days. I know so bad! In case you wanted to know:

We bought this dental floss, this shampoo,  this respirator filter, and this vacuum cleaner filter

So what have you been buying lately? Anything I NEED?

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