Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Sentence A Day: June Edition

1 - Had so much fun blind wine tasting and prime rib with my aunt and uncle sans kids, that never happens.

2 - Lazy Sunday is just what we needed, marathon Lord Of The Rings movie marathon.

3 - Man this whole registering your kids for stuff is high stress, but we got in the after school care we wanted for the kids, phew, one less thing to worry about.

4 - Goal in life is for my back and shoulder to be better for our trip in a month. I don't want this pain while we're gone.

5 - Chiropractor was a fast one today, thankful for that.

6 - Man Baby Fox has a busy schedule, track followed by 2 hours of Karate.

7 - Getting a much needed oil change.

8 - Busy day, first Baby Fox's first track meet, 1st in hurdles and 3rd in frisbee throw, then Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Musical not the movie, all followed up with dinner and swimming at a friends, full but fun day.

9 - Getting stuff done around the house, when was the last time I  tidied up?

10 - Mr. is gone for another work trip, but at least it's only for a few days this time!

11 - Piano lessons, the kids are doing great!

12 - Another Chiropractor appointment, are these even working or just making me worse?

13 - Last day of school, last day of school, school party and some ice cream, yum!

14 - First concert in the park with friends is my favorite summer night activity, and Mr. is coming home, woo hoo!

15 - A much needed rest day, getting stuff done.

16 - Happy Father's Day! Church, swimming with friends and more swimming with parents followed by dinner makes for a perfect Father's day...did I even take a picture?

See how I made the signs here

17 - First day of summer camp a huge success, he can't wait to go back tomorrow.

18 - He asked if he could come back for the next 6 weeks, I think that's a pretty awesome day.

19 - More chiropractor...

20 - Will my back ever get better, insert huge sigh here.

21 - Day date with Mr, followed by him having to leave for a business trip at night, which really worked out because a friend had to go home via LAX and her flight was just about the time Mr. was driving to the airport, so she hitched a ride and saved some money!

22 - Swimming and lunch with friends turned into Toy Story movie marathon and dinner, what a great day, we haven't seen in them in way too long!

23 - Church and then lunch with the lady who use to watch the kids, fact: she has watched Baby Fox since he was 6 months old, it was hard to say goodbye last Fall.

24 - VBS for the kids, they loved it.

25 - So happy the kids are excited to go to VBS and they are making new friends at church.

26 - Man, stressful day, water heater broke, had to find someone to replace it, have some friends come move all of the stuff in our small garage to our big garage because I'm not allowed to lift anything because of my back right now; man I have good friends!

Side note: How did all of this stuff fit in that other garage! I guess we are really organized!

27 - Much needed vacation with friends to Palm Spring, plus a stop at the Outlets is just what I needed!

28 - Fun day with friends, pool time, lots of talking, relaxing and eating.

29 - Mr. is finally home, it was a stressful week with the sink breaking, the water heater breaking and the washing machine in the fritz, so happy to have him home!

30 - Trying to fix the washing machine, we've can do it, I have faith....

31 -Perhaps we can't fix the washing machine, stay tuned, trying a few more things before we give up.

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