Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Best Workout Clothes For The Summer

Hi Foxy Friends! Fact about me: I cannot workout in pants, super cold outside, you'll find me in shorts freezing my butt off. Okay it doesn't get that cold here, but even if I did live somewhere really cold, like where Deena or Abbie lives...heck even Lana, I would still be wearing shorts. If I do wear pants, heat rash within minutes of getting hot. Not pleasant. Okay moving on. I have been looking for YEARS for new workout shorts, I've been wearing the same ones since before I got married 14 years ago! For reals...pathetic. But I finally found them, and they're priced reasonably too! Give me one in every color please.

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In case you didn't notice I am short, so I need shorts about 3" in length to make them look normal. #1 is shorter than #2, both come up to my belly button so it hides the muffin top, tucks it all in. Good for me. I was beginning to think all shorts were made for people pre-kids with no hips. Thanks Champion and Old Navy for FINALLY coming through for me! So what's your favorite workout gear lately?

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