Tuesday, May 12, 2020

How To Repurpose A Picture With New Quote

Hi Foxy Friends! Another craft for you today. The other day I came home and decided I was tired of looking at quote on my bathroom sign. This is what it was:

I really bought it because I liked the frame and the quote didn't bother me, so 9 years ago I bought it...but last week (I wrote up this post but never put the pictures, that I had already taken, in it, so really it was 3.5 months ago) I decided I wanted a new quote. So here is how I did it, and it was way easier than I thought it would be! This is what it turned into, I really love it.

DIY Wood frame sign

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What You'll Need:

Picture Frame with Quote (I would try to thrift one, something like this or this)
Cricut (Vinyl or stencil)
Chalk Paint
Paint Brushes


Step 1 - Remove middle from sign, I used a hammer with a cloth to protect the picture since I didn't have a rubber mallet.

At first I tried to sand down the front, but with hammering out the sign there was some nicks on the front and I didn't like it. So I used the back side of the frame. I figure no one was going to see the words on the other side, so it wasn't going to bother me that there was something there.

Clean slate.

Step 2 - Sand down and repaint your sign. I wanted a vintage look, to match what was already there. So I painted the sign white, then painted it black and added more white on top. I could have sanded down from there to get the look I wanted, but I did an okay job applying the top coat of paint, so no sanding needed. Woo hoo!

Step 3 - Make stencil using Cricut or some other cutting machine, I only know how to use the Cricut. Place stencil on the sign. Make sure you measure 5 million times and cut once, nothing is more annoying than having to re-cut something.

How to Stencil A Sign

Step 4 - Paint a THIN layer of polycrylic, this prevents the paint from seeping under the stencil. I've done this method with and without the polycrylic and found that it's best to do this step, but if you really have good contact with the stencil, this step is not necessary. I like that the Polycrylic bleeds under the stencil and dries clear, so you don't see it, then you get really crisp lines. See this video, I explain it a bit better.

Step 5 - Paint sign with thin layers of whatever color you are doing, I decided to go with black, remove vinyl pretty much immediately after last layer of paint. This part is tricky when the stencil is still wet and you're trying to remove it. You'll see I have a little black blob, but I'm okay with that.

Catholic faith sign

Faith Sign

Step 6 - Once dry, put back in sign. I tried to use the nails that came with the sign, but in the end I ended up taping it back together. No one sees the back side, it's light weight and worked for us.

Faith Sign

Tada, new sign ready to go!

Side note: Mini Fox was NOT happy that I re-did this sign and cried for a good 30 minutes over the lose of the other sign. So if you are going to change something in your house, better get to permission by your 6 year old, haha!

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