Friday, May 1, 2020

Best Lounge Wear And Other Favorite Things

Hi Foxy Friends! I know my posts have been few and far between. Every time I got to blog some little human needs my help with something. Then the day seems to get away from me, repeat everyday it seems. But I have been snagging all the great deals and I'm here to share them with you.

I realized very quickly that I don't have much lounge wear. I went to work 5 days a week, on most weeks, and then on the weekends we would be doing kid sports and going out with friends, so I didn't have a need for lounge wear. Well send a little quarantine my way and give me ALL the lounge wear.  I might have bought 3 new pairs of joggers, a few sweaters, some shorts and two pairs of leggings. and the joggers and leggings? From the same brand and if you don't have a pair of Vuori NEED to get a pair ASAP! I have a group text going and one of the ladies bought a pair, said how awesome they were and then the 11 other ladies bought multiple pairs in multiple orders. We all bought one then got them and realized we had to have them all!

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This jacket is 40% off, and super cute with the stripe down the sleeve.

These leggings are plain black and so soft!

Then the weather got hot and the joggers made sense, so of course I had to get some shorts. The shorts are $15 and SO soft I bought 4 pairs...oops!

Old Navy keeps sucking me in too. They keep having these great sales, so I keep buying more stuff...darn you Old Navy! Staying on track with my comfy clothes...

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