Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Sentence A Day: April Edition

Hi Foxy Friends! Yep, we're continuing on with Sentence a Day! Thank you Rebecca Jo for starting this, it's such a neat way to document life. Also thank you Leslie for always sending out the reminders. This month I am trying to document how I felt, or something that made me feel happy, excited, sad, etc, instead of just recapping the day, since I have been doing weekly updates/documenting our quarantine journey.

1 - Feel happy that Mini Fox wanted to match outfits today.

2 -  Excited that Mr. got my all of my favorite things at Trader Joes for our anniversary.

3 - Is it normal to feel this happy about fixing a vacuum cleaner that was suspect of not working for 6+ months?

The culprit, stuck in the hose.

4 - Love that family movie nights still makes everyone happy, this time it was Onward.

5 - Happy that I have a Michaels in our house because I have all of the supplies to make masks, even the elastic...

6 - Put on make up today just because, I love trying new make up techniques.

7 - Good laughs watching The Hangover

8 - Grateful for our warm house to watch the rain from.

9 - Grateful for online Karate classes for Baby Fox during these rainy days.

10 - Thankful for my tribe where we know at least on Friday night we'll have a zoom meeting.

11 - Happy that we can introduce the kids to Avatar, they loved it.

12 - Grateful for technology, so my parents could still watch the kids hunt for Easter eggs.

Cheating but this girl lost her second tooth.

13 - When you've got nothing else to do, you start playing with all of the make up paelttes you've collected, and he photo bombed most of my photos.

14 - Daily park outing, Samantha (the doll) is practicing social distancing and mask wearing.

15 - Another day another make up look. 

16 - First quarantine haircut, Birthday zoom for one of the cousins and a birthday quarantine style for my Dad.

17 - Went for a bike ride and ended up at a friends house to say hi, they were shocked we rode our bikes all that way.

18 -  Another make up look, I really like this one!

19 - Tie Dying some shirt, loving that this trend is coming back.

20 - What I walked into in my bedroom today, haha!

21 - Tie Dye shirts/sweaters are done, loving it!

22 - Excited to go swimming for the first time today.

23 - Lasagna was everything we had hoped it would be.

24 - Sad, she needed to hold a sign for her class collage, and she graduates in 2032, wahhh, hold me?!?

25 - Yay for swimming days.

26 - Grateful for the kids becoming even closer during this quarantine, they've decided to sleep together until this is all over.

27 - Yummy dinner, made Korean Black Bean Sauce and noodles,  Jajangmyeon for Mr. for the first time, he LOVED it.

28 - Happy we can introduce the kids to movies we use to watch, Rookie of the Year, the kids loved it.

29 - Happy I finally got to taste test the two Panko crumbs I had, the Japanese ones were better in our opinion.

30 - Thankful for the new basketball hoop for our pool.

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