Friday, April 2, 2021

Friday Favorites #6

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! Today I have off, so I'm going to try and get all the errands I have been putting off done. Anyway, onto my favorites and maybe one thing not so favorite of the week.

Every year our local realtor hosts an Easter egg hunt. Last year it was cancelled and she didn't want to cancel it again, so she had a drive by, so of course we walked up to the park and go an Easter goodie bag and took a picture with the Easter bunny. When did my kids get so big?





The boys have been working really hard and the last two games were awesome! We won the last game against one of Baby Fox's best friends. It was a good game.

It happened that his friend was 3rd baseman and Baby Fox was at 3rd and we had a pitcher change, so they got to chat while they waited.

In other baseball things, at practice on Monday, Baby Fox was throwing the ball around after practice was over and it got a little too dark and he took one to the eye.

So now he's sporting a black eye. When he went to bed tonight, it was getting a bit darker in color. Now my taking a picture a day for the year is going to get a whole lot more interesting, lol!

One good thing about quarantine is that we have gotten to know our neighbors way better. We text a bunch now and turns out they have an amazing garden and had the kids come pick potatoes. 

Then she gave them an ice cream treat for their hard work.

Baby Fox got an expander so no more chewy gummy stuff for him, like jelly beans. So while I was ordering some bread flour for my bread, I thought I would get some bags of M&M's to put in the eggs instead, I had no idea that it was going to be 150 bags! Oops! Anyone want some? We probably used about 20.

Speaking of bread, I had to take Baby Fox to football so I left Mr. in charge of taking the bread out of the oven while I was gone, with exact instructions...he sent me this photo said DOH! 

Then when I got home, he said, APRIL FOOLS! He got me, I told him I gave you one job!

The sandals I mentioned last week, came in and they are so comfortable! Everyone needs to add a pair for summer! Also loving raw edge jeans, they're my new favorite and I'm never giving up skinny jeans.

Did you see it's coming back?! I'm so excited!

Happy Easter! We're headed back to church to sit on the grassy area. First time we'll be back at church in over a year...I'm excited! Hope you all have a great relaxing weekend.

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