Thursday, April 1, 2021

Floral Shorts Outfit

 Hello Foxy Friends! I'm joining my IG friends tomorrow for a little floral look. I just got these shorts from my Sweetly Striped, as you can tell a lot of my clothes lately have come from them. I can't help it, it's all so cute! I got the last pair of these shorts, but these are very similar. I'm sort of digging the non denim shorts right now, they're more comfortable and they look a little bit more put together with very little effort. 

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Can we talk about the shoes? I had told you last week I bought them, but now that I have them, everyone needs them! I would give you a close up but my nail polish is chipping and no one wants to see that. Anyway, they are under $20 and SOOO comfortable! I cooked dinner in them last night and they were so comfortable. No blisters first time wearing them. It looks like the black is sold out right now in my size, but the other colors are there, I might have to pick another pair up. They are definitely going to be my go to sandal of the summer!

Shorts | Shirt (similar)| Shoes

chain bracelet (similar) / white bracelet (similar) / gold beaded (similar)

I got this cute necklace, that is all one piece so no actual layering is happening from my girl, Jessica over at Sweetly Striped.

What are you going to be wearing on repeat this summer? It was 86° here today, so Summer is on the brain right now. See you tomorrow!

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