Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What We've been Up To

So with 3 weeks of jury duty, the blog has taken a back seat. So I'll quickly update you guys with what we've been doing. I'll try to keep the pictures at a minimum.

So going back to April 19th (I know it's been way too long right?!). We put the pool cover on and got the pool up to 75°, warm enough for these crazy boys to swim. Baby Fox loves jumping off the deck.

April 20th is our first non parent and me swim class. Sniff sniff, Baby Fox was NOT happy and cried pretty much the whole time. That's his sad face, although the kid that the guy is holding, was crying WAY more, so I guess I can feel slightly better.

After nap time Baby Fox helped Daddy wash his "fun" car. 

April 22nd - Watching Fox and The Hound. And look, the room even looks clean, that NEVER happens!
(the kid doesn't have enough trucks...see all of them lined up by the fireplace?)

April 26th - Playdate/lunch with his friend, J-Bear. We just bought this table and it comes with a cute little umbrella, the kids loved it!

I got these shoes because this lady and this lady told me to. Okay not really, but they couldn't stop talking about them, I mean they mentioned these bad boys in at least 3 or 4 different posts. Although I have to admit they had me at the very first post, and I immediately bought 2 pairs. And my lovely models are showing them off. They came in the mail during our playdate and of course we had to break them out, and the kids wanted to try them on. I think they pull them off nicely. I have to say that J-Bear rocked those shoes so hard, and was practically running in them, Baby Fox, not so much, but he was trying and eventually wanted to trade shoes so he could wear the pink ones. I do have to say they are SOOOO comfortable, if you don't have them, go out and buy them now! Your summer dresses and shorts will thank you for sprucing them up. And the bonus? They aren't that expensive, totally affordable, so go out and get them!

This past weekend a good friend just had her baby, so we went to visit them. Baby is great and Baby Fox, loved her and got some good kisses and hugs in, I think he's going to make a great Big Brother.

Went to swim lessons, just by himself this time, and boy was he upset, but towards the end the "I want my Daddy" started to calm down, so we'll just keep trying. Eventually he'll stop crying right? We're doing this for water safety, so we have to keep coming. Although it's so easy to just say, another time.

Sunday we ate dinner outside, you know cause everyone eats ribs outside while Mommy's BBQ on the grill. Best discovery, Whole Foods sells ribs individually. So we don't have to order a hole side or half of ribs, we got 3 and paid our $5 and were done. Score!

That's pretty much what we've been up to. Come back tomorrow to see a picture of our baby and to find out what we're having!

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  1. Welcome back from jury duty, I can't believe you had to be there for 3 weeks. YUCK. Love Baby Fox's jump into the pool! And does he have himself a little girlfriend!?? :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee