Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Random Wednesday!

Because you guys haven't gotten enough of this kid.  This is Baby Fox's reaction to having to leave the park. If only we all could have such deep emotion to cry bit crocodile tears when leaving somewhere. Although then people would laugh and stare, oh to be a 2 years old. I lied...announcement coming on Friday, thought it would be a good way to start the weekend.

So I haven't participated in this in a few weeks because of that thing called jury duty. But here are some thing I've been thinking:

I passed a billboard this morning that said something along the lines of needing a 40 piece chicken nugget pack from McDonalds...seriously? 40 chicken nuggets? What are you feeding a small army? And even if you could find someone to share this with, by the time you got to nugget 30, the rest would be cold, ew, cold chicken nuggets from McDonalds. And we wonder why there's an obesity problem in the U.S.

I passed 5 signs this morning. Someone had taken the time to write out 5 signs and hang them on 5 overpasses, actually 10 because it was posted on both sides of the freeway, and they wrote so skinny that you couldn't read the sign going 75mph (actually 80mph, but that just sounds too fast, seriously people here drive that fast at 5am). Maybe I'll try again on the way home, but if you take the time to write out a sign to post on the freeway, make it readable please!

Baby doesn't like's really bumming me out because we used to eat spaghetti once a week. Something I can make in 20 minutes and everyone loves it? I'm in...but I'm feeling hopeful that baby is almost on board with tomatoes. I ate some salsa this weekend and it stayed down, I'm very hopeful. Please don't disappoint.

Last thing, I started calling baby Muffin because at 5 weeks pregnant, I kid you not, 5 freakin' weeks my pants were giving me a muffin top. Baby Fox has shortened this to Baby Muffie, so cute!

In case you wanted to see, here's me in all my 18 week glory (I'm currently 20 weeks, but haven't taken a picture yet)

Can't currently wear any necklaces, they all make me feel like I'm choking, even the long ones, no joke!

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  1. I would cry just as hard as the little man if I got called on Jury Duty. Geez. And oh to be without tomatoes. that would be rough.

  2. Awww poor baby FoX! You look great!

  3. I have sooooooo been there with the fun right? And look at that baby bump!!! You look so stinking precious!!!!