Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mini Fox's Baptism

As I said yesterday we were getting ready up to the wire before Mini Fox's baptism. She usually naps about 1 and wakes up at 3ish, but with the baptism being at 2pm, that was going to work, so I put her down for a nap right after eating at noon, luckily she was tired and it worked. We woke her up 5 minutes before we left, she was not happy about that choice.

We get there and almost everyone is there and things are about to start.

We great our family and friends and find our seats, my parents are no where to be found. The priest starts talking, my parents are not there, I look around, and suddenly the door open and half of my family walks in. I guess the priest started a few minutes early and they were all talking in the parking lot. Oops.

He got right to it, no wasting any time.

Us with Mini Fox's Godparents

Mini Fox with her Godparents (they are close friends of the family. Mini Fox's Godfather's dad was my Dad's best friend growing up, and had known each other since Kindergarten, he passed away a couple of weeks before Baby Fox was born)

Picture with my Godfather, my Godmother lives in Florida

Now onto the party details!

This is the invite I sent out:

I decided to have little name cards of the food, so I actually went to Vista Print (where I ordered my invitations from) and pretended to order the Thank You cards, and then instead of writing Thank You I just wrote out the name of the food. The great thing about Vista Print is that you can rearrange the words and graphics, make them smaller or bigger, add text where ever you want, it's a great site and relatively cheap too! Go check it out.

Party food - 
  • I tend to get fruit that I can eat as left overs and since I am allergic to melons I mostly stick with berries and grapes
  • Mr. wanted to do meatballs and BBQ sauce, you can see it in the background in the crockpot. It was a huge hit and every since meatball was devoured (we got the Costco meatballs and BBQ Sauce, pour together 3-4 hours before event start, done)
  • Mr. was also in charge of the cheese and meat tray, he got everything from Trader Joe's
  • We also did these chicken salad croissant sandwiches, always a crowd favorite. I tripled the recipe and we didn't have much left over - Mr. and my dad were sad, they wanted more leftover
  • We also bought the veggie tray from Costco, put in own server bowls/tray and you're done and it looks better then that plastic thing, easy.
  • Lemonade - I just bought the Country Time Lemonade, made it before we left, minus some water to account for ice melting. When we got home I poured ice in and put outside.

Tip: Cut the croissants sandwiches in half, that way people don't have to take a whole one, less wasted food

Of course had food for the kids too:

Uncrustables and fruit pouches
Tip: If you are going somewhere before your party, i.e. a Baptism, and need a quick set up, have everything ready to go. We had the sandwiches on the platter in the fridge. Our fridge didn't have enough room for all the other platters, so I put everything in Ziploc baggies, so when we got home, I just pulled out the baggies and poured the food on the platter at the table, took less then 3 minutes and I was done.

Party Decorations -

I decided Friday night that I wanted some poof balls hanging everywhere outside, so my Dad went to Big Lots at 7pm, and bought me tissue paper so I could make them. I used my tutorial here. The small ones I did like the big ones, except after I fan folded it, I cut it in half, it worked out perfect!

This is walking into our house, view from the front door

The dessert table, before the cake got there

The cake, my parents wanted to contribute to the party, so they bought the cake, everyone could not stop talking about how wonderful the cake was. It was Lemon Bavarian Cream. I loved the design, simple yet elegant.

We are so blessed to have so many wonder people in our lives, willing to drive all the way out to our house to celebrate the welcoming of Mini Fox into the Catholic Church. It was a perfect day and I think everyone had a great time.

The guest of honor got tired pretty quickly after getting home and made her rounds and then went to bed, almost a 3 hour nap, totally unheard of! We love you Mini Fox, and feel so blessed that we are your parents. Welcome!

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  1. Aw what a fantastic day! First, you look beautiful in that pink dress. Mini Fox is adorable. The party looked great and all the food looked yummy!

  2. Looks like such a beautiful day! I love the love that is coming from these pictures.