Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I've jumped on the leggings train. Full on jump with both feet without looking. This girl said buy some, they're the most comfy things ever, I said okay. She wasn't wrong, these cover up the "muffin top" and sort of squish everything into place. I had been wearing them under skirts and dresses

but decided to go all out and just do it! So I did, and I really do love how this outfit came together. I put the shirt on, and thought it needs more then a necklace, so I put the scarf on. We were going to a birthday party that was going to be a little cold, so I added the light sweater.

Shirt - Nordstroms, Sweater - Nordstroms Rack, Scarf - Francesca's Collection (old), Leggings - Nordstroms, Boots - DSW
In other news, guess what Mini Fox did over the weekend?

Does anyone else find it odd, that she can't roll from tummy to back (which is suppose to be the easier direction), but she can go from back to tummy. Strange. Anyway, she decided to do this at 2am, and then was so confused as to how she got there. I watched her in the monitor, she would look around, then lay her head down, the look around. When I went in to get her, she had this huge smile on her face, like she was saying, See Mommy what I did?

Because I posted something about Mini Fox, I'll post something about Baby Fox. My parents take him to the library once a week. They were looking at a book about a Wooly Mammoth and my dad says, so they lived a long time ago, and without missing a beat Baby Fox says, like Ice Age? My dad was floored, he had forgotten, no my son's not a genius but he just pays attention and had just recently watched Ice Age (the movie) on TV. haha, I should have played along though right?


  1. I love how you mix stripes and dots.. stunning! And leggings, I can't seems to get enough of them, I just purchased another pair!

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades
    Dubai UAE

  2. Love your cute stripes and dots! Love me some leggings too. :)

  3. I'm obsessed with leggings too these days! They are huge in Europe!

  4. like your pattern mixing. the rolling took us a while but made me sad at how fast they grow up!
    Marie @
    In Our Happy Place