Monday, February 24, 2014

Party Weekend

This weekend was full of parties. Saturday we went to a racing birthday party, it was so much fun/funny to watch the kids race around.

The invitation told us to bring a power toy vehicle. We don't have one, so we had brought my son's bike (see him in the back?). He came in second, woo hoo!

The second time around, Baby Fox wanted to ride with someone, so he jumped into that jeep in the front. Let me tell you, that Jeep had some go! They were done with the "race" before the other kids even got down the first straigh-away.

Finally someone gave up their car and gave Baby Fox a turn to drive. If you see him on the road, get out of his way! Mostly cause he has no control and will just run right into you.

Then he decided to take a shortcut, yep, right up and over that curb.

I have to say it was hilarious to watch all of the kids. It was nice to celebrate our friends birthday and get to drive a car, let's hope he doesn't ask for one! Where do you store something like that?!

Sunday Mini Fox got baptized, so Friday/Saturday was spent prepping for the big day. We finished getting ready at 1:30pm, baptism started at 2. Oops, that was cutting it close wasn't it?

I'm not sure she even noticed that she was getting water poured over her head.

Us with the priest and Mini Fox's Godparents

And here's some pictures of food, cause who doesn't like good food, more pictures of the party to follow this week. We were so beat from yesterday, it was all I could do to muster up there few photos.

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