Wednesday, May 21, 2014

T-Shirts and Blazers

I was really bad at taking outfit pictures this week. Or maybe casue I'v just been repeating the outfits that Alison told me to wear for  The Spring Challenge and since it's still spring...But good news! Starting on Monday, she's starting her Summer list! If you write me down as the referral then I'll get $5 credit towards my Summer List! You should do it, seriously, it's pretty awesome community of ladies (just email me and I'll give you my last name).

I really need to work on my poses with dresses and skirts, I cannot stand the same as when I'm wearing pants, it's just not lady like or cute...oh well...

I wore this to Mr.'s concert on Sunday, super comfortable. I was going to wear a jean jacket with it, but then it was just too hot and I forgot my jacket when I walked out the door, oops! I found this dress at Target for $12 on the clearance rack, score!

Dress - Target (no longer available), Shoes - Nordstroms (no longer availabe in that color), Necklace - groopdealz (not sure who make its, but it's called a mini bubble necklace)

I really need to change my nail polish, when do people find the time with two kids running around, polish just takes WAY too long to dry! Although using this stuff, helps (when I say helps, I really mean is a miracle product that is so awesome I just want everyone to try it) with that, but just doing base coat + 2 coats + top coat = way too much time

Remember when I told you that I won a raffle?  Well along with a Target gift card I won this scarf too! It's from Cabi and it is oh so comfortable, light weight and did I mention what great colors it has in it? They call it the everyday scarf and they are oh so correct!

I wore this outfit yesterday to work. I started with wanting to wear the scarf, then thought, a grey tee would look good with it, but didn't want to wear jeans, so I paired it with my Old Navy small dotted pants and then when I was trying on jackets, the jean jacket just wasn't working, I threw on this blazer and out the door I went. Didn't even really look in the mirror, but when I got to work, I thought, hey this Tee/blazer thing really does work! I might need to get more blazers so I can try out other looks with them. What are your thoughts on blazers with tees?

Pants - Old Navy (similar), Tee - Target, Blazer - H&M (old), Scarf - Cabi, Wedges - Toms (Similar)

I think it looks just as great buttoned up too. Actually I think I like this way better.

I think that's all I got for now...oh I should cut off that tag on that scarf, I kept meaning to do it at work, but would only remember when I wasn't near a pair of scissors. Darn. Oh well, next time!

Once again I'm linking up with the ladies from the challenge, what inspires you? Tell me below!

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  1. I like the tshirt/blazer/scarf combo on you, and your dress is so cute! By the way, love the new look of your blog. What a talented friend you have! Have a great week!

  2. I love blazers and tees! i pretty much love anything dressy with something casual - super cute and I'm seeing the mix all the time!

  3. Cute, cute, cute! Love all these perfect outfits! Unfortunately Texas is already too hot for anything but shorts or dresses. Grrr!

    Thanks for linking up :)

  4. That striped dress is so cute on you! I have a similar one and you can style it a ton of different ways :)

    The Tiny Heart