Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Festivities and a Give-a-Way!

For those that are coming from MacDonald's Playland, HELLO! For those that keep coming back (thank you!) Scroll to the end so you can enter to win $205! My was busy but so much fun! Well mostly fun, you'll see why in 3....2....1...

This picture you might ask? Is of me at 2:45am buying cough medicine...Baby Fox was coughing all night and by 2:30am had still not fallen asleep because of so much coughing. We had nothing to help him, poor guy. I looked online and found that honey was supposed to help. Baby Fox loved eating straight up honey, it sort of worked? I say sort of because he was still coughing when I left, and by the time I got back, he had fallen asleep. Thank goodness!

Luckily the rest of the weekend was pretty great. Friday I had the day off, so Baby Fox was well enough and was not coughing and wanted to go to school. So off to school he went and I went and visited some friends (which I took no pictures). Friday evening we decided to go on a quick errand to get some hangers for Mr. at Home Goods, and then ran next store to to the Japanese everything is $1.50 store. It's pretty awesome. Baby Fox got some Nunchucks.

Totally normal to be wearing a tool belt with nunchucks right?
Saturday we woke up and decided to go up to Starbucks and hang out. We called my parents to see if they wanted to meet up with us. Of course they did, Sister came along too.

Before Mini Fox was born, both of us would ride our bikes up here, but now Mr. takes Baby Fox and I drive Mini Fox and myself up there. I'm too chicken to ride my bike with another human on it, I can barely ride myself up these big hills we have here.

Mini Fox getting some walking practice...and I just realize that my parents match, they are such dorks.
We decided to let Mini Fox have her first turn in the bike seat...mostly because we weren't ready to leave just yet and she was having a missed my morning nap meltdown, but she loved it!

Baby Fox and I did some shopping before heading home. We stopped at Old Navy and got a balloon, and I was surprised/didn't know that the balloon was still colored in it's shadow, anyone else with me? I feel like I should have known this...please lie to me if you did know and am now thinking I'm the crazy lady who didn't know that.

Saturday night we had a Halloween Party to go to. We haven't been to know in a while...oh and my Halloween costume that I had to alter? Turned out great! Better than expected. yay!

Sneak peek at our costumes...can you guess? Full pictures on Friday!
 Clear winner of the costume contest that didn't exist but if it did, they would win.

All the kids...I can't believe that they stayed still long enough for us to take pictures!

How cute are these desserts? These are those homemade Oreo cookies...clever right?

The kids had a fantastic time, running around, eating as much candy as they wanted, and some more running around, oh but they did stop to enjoy a movie towards the end of the night.

Sunday we met up with our friends for year three of the pumpkin patch. Best picture we got, there is only 1 missing, and he just didn't want to sit down.

Mini Fox hates hay, being around it, near it, sitting on it...hates all of it.

She does like to try and walk around, excpet these cute Toms will not stay on her feet!

Time #256 of putting her shoes back on

We did the easiest corn maze in the history of the world.  We tried to get didn't work, the whole thing is a spiral, you can't get lost..

Moms and as many kids that would get into the picture

Dads with as many kids that would get into the picture

After much needed naps, I took Mini Fox to the mall to return some stuff...she kept this headband on for an hour...that's an hour longer than she has done that in the past 2 months!

And then 2 seconds after this the headband came off...haha
We went to Costco to pick something up and they had their Ginger Bread house, you need to go get this ginger bread house now! It's only $10 and it's big...this is ours from last year. It comes assembled and they give you candy and icing to decorate, easy right?

It made Mini Fox insanely happy

All the way home she talked to the pictures and was tapping the box and giggling.

That was our weekend, don't forget to come back Friday to see what we're being for Halloween!

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  1. Looks like a great weekend! And when you posted that picture my first thought was wow, the shadow of hte baloon is colored.

  2. You're kidding me!! That is the CUTEST idea for the oreo cookies! Seriously, genius! I want to make those (because they are so delish, duh! HA! But seriously, wish I would have thought of that for the monster bash party we went to a week ago or so!)
    Hope the cough is gone! That is so sad, especially when it keeps everyone from sleeping :(

  3. I want some spider oreos!!! I'd totally make some tomorrow if I thought Aria would help shove legs in. I think maybe next year she'd be up to it though. I'll have to remember. Now I just want cookies.