Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Things I Shouldn't Be Afraid of But Am

I have a lot of irrational fears. Sometimes I just want to scream at myself, like get it together! These are so silly...but none the less, they're fears, and here they are. In no particular order, and I hope we can still be friends after you really find out about what a freak I am.


Back when I first got married, Mr. and I would always watch scary movies. I like being scared, I didn't mind them, but then slowly I started having more nightmares and we decided it was best if we stopped watching scary movies and just like that the nightmares almost ended. Unless I watch something scary, and then all bets are off. That being said The Grunge shower scene. You know what I'm talking about. When SMG is washing her hair and suddenly she feels hands on the back of her head...yea, I haven't seen that movie since the movie theater, and it still haunts me. For a few months after that, I sort of would have a 2 second freak out.


Closing my eyes in the shower. Seems weird right? But in my head, some serial killer is going to come into my bathroom, knife and music going (you know the music I'm talking about)...ready to kill me...but if I keep my eyes open...then they won't come right?

Apparently I have shower issues.


Stepping on a lizard/bug/snail while taking the garbage out at night. This hasn't happened to me, but doesn't prevent me from freaking out. I should just turn on the light, but usually I just hop a few steps, throw out the garbage, then hop a few steps back. Less steps means less chance to step on one right? Note: I think this fear steams from the fact that while in college and I was walking home from class one day, I step on what I thought was a rock, but when I turned around to look, it was a baby frog...suffice to say those sandals went into the trash.


I once heard about this apartment in NYC where someone found  freaking snake in their toilet. I guess it had gotten out of it's cage, and went into the toilet and was just roaming around in the pipes and popped up in some random person's toilet...so I always look, ALWAYS...


I'm afraid of the ocean. The part where it's not light blue, but super dark blue. That part, terrifies me. When we went scuba diving, the only thing getting me through it, holding Mr.'s hand (yep under water) and thinking, I can swim faster then that girl over there...haha. But in general if I can't see the bottom I won't go in it. Even in the wake of the wave, when I'm just up to my ankles, nope, won't do it.

This is a picture from our honeymoon...see the light blue around the huts, that is barely acceptable, I can see the bottom and it's about chest deep. That really dark blue (where the boat is), that's not okay to swim in, really deep and you never know what could swim up from the bottom and get ya.
From our honeymoon in Bora Bora, we took a helicopter ride and this was one of the first pictures we took. This is the hotel we stayed at (the helicopter picked us up from our hotel, cause we're fancy like that...no really, it's a super small island where each hotel is basically it's own island. The center island being the "mainland" and where all the shops/restaurants are located,  and I'm fairly certain all of the hotels probably have a place for helicopters to land...)

 The above picture was the only acceptable picture, the others...they just freaked me out just looking them up, didn't want them on the blog forever. haha...

So make me feel better, what are your irrational fears?




  1. I have the same fear regarding the shower. I guess I watched too many scary movies when I was younger; I don't watch them anymore, lol! I also feel the same way about taking out the trash. I'd rather just do the dishes and mop the floors and have my husband take out the trash :)

  2. that's why I don't watch scary movies!!!!! I literally can't let them go!

  3. I feel like I shouldn't have even read this list. It's going to give me nightmares!