Monday, October 20, 2014


Hello Monday! You came too soon, per usual.

Saturday morning, it looks grey and dark, but the sun was just sort of coming up while I was driving home from my getting my eyebrows done. You can't tell, but there were rays of sunshine beaming through the clouds, it was really pretty.

Mr. took Baby Fox to the movies, can you tell that he thoroughly enjoyed his fruit punch? (which he only gets when we take him to the movies, so it's really a special treat)

Meanwhile at home, I asked Mini Fox to say "cheese", this is what she did...

After they got home and he napped, Baby Fox wanted to go to the park, so I took him to the park, while I worked on a project, yep multitasking at it's best. I totally forgot to take a picture of it.

We buried his feet, he thought it was the best thing ever! Couldn't stop laughing.

From the title you can guess where we went on Sunday...we took the kids to:

We took this on our way out of the park
It was our first time going, Baby Fox's second time. The park was practically empty, could have been because the night before was Brick-or-Treating and people were tired? In any case, it was great for us because we didn't stand in line for longer than 20 minutes a ride, well there was one that was an hour or so, but they have stuff for the kids to do with the parents wait in line, it's pretty cool.

There were so many pictures and I was so tired when we got home last night that I really took 2 seconds to chose some pictures...out of 279...yikes!

Mini Fox did a lot of random playing since she couldn't go on a lot of the rides. Her and Mr. hung out a lot...

Girl will do anything for a paci

Baby Fox driving..when is he old enough to drive?!

Waiting in line

In case you wanted to know Cousin #4 and Cousin #3
Waiting for one of the shows. Mr. was walking around trying to get Mini Fox to sleep.

The two girls  2 weeks apart) and Baby Fox are 6 months apart
We went on a pirate ship that just swung you around...Baby Fox really wanted to go on it, so everyone followed suit...not the best ride for just after lunch, LOL. But look at that face, he loved it so much!

Did some sliding

Cousin #4 husband, Cousin #3 kid, Cousin #4 kid, Baby Fox, Mr. Cousin #4 kid

Cousin #4 husband telling us he doesn't participate in selfies...oh but he just did...

Boat ride tour of the world.

Most amount of legos used? NYC and it took over 8 million lego bricks to make this...crazy right?! Yes all those buildings are made of Legos!

We went on a shooting ride...Cousin #4 said she thought she did because she won in her car, she has about 1050, then she saw my score...yep, that's right, I think I missed my calling! I take these shooting games very seriously, lol.

We discovered that Mini Fox, HATES hates it. Yet we still took pictures...what does that say about us? hmm..???

Taking an ice cream/candy break and watching one of their shows.

Not so sure about sitting on some random dude's lap

Group shot, well minus the men, someone had to take a picture, right?

Stay tuned tomorrow for the Legoland hotel and what we did there, it's pretty awesome.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. yes, Monday came WAY too quickly!!
    Legloland looks like fun!!

  2. Looks like a great weekend! How nice that you had Legoland to yourselves - I always love when a place like that isn't crowded!

  3. We took the kids there a couple years ago and it was one of the best trips we've ever been on. Love that place!

    1. So great right? I don't know why we'd been avoiding it all this time!

  4. What a fun day! We used to live in San Diego and our boys loved Legoland and the nearby beach:).
    My youngest has never been to legoland. Your post reminded me that we really need to make the trip down to explore the land of bricks!

    1. Yes you definitely need to go! It was so much fun.

  5. Oh my gosh, best Saturday EVER! I didn't know legoland had rides?! We must take Mia someday!
    I'm dying over her "cheese" face! Cutest thing I've seen all morning!!

  6. So so so fun! I've heard so many great things about Legoland. My little guy would flip out. He's addicted to legos!

  7. I love all the lego sculptures that are there. Can you imagine the time and amount of lego's they took. I would never have the patience. :)