Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mini Fox's 1st Birthday Lady Bug Party

I just realized that I never showed you pictures of Mini Fox's birthday party! So here they are. I wish I had gotten more pictures of us with people at the party, actually any pictures of people at the party, LOL. Why does that always happen? Next year, it will NOT happen! I say that now, but it probably won't happen, who are we kidding.

So let's get started. I can't remember a time that I didn't love lady bugs. My mom always gave me lady bug things...case in point, my desk at work..

She gave these to me when I was college, and they have just sort of followed me from job to job. Actually the ladybug on my monitor, came on a stick in a flower arrangement my mom sent to me, and I took it off the stick. I used to have a ladybug keychain, but the leather strap finally broke and I had to throw it away, Baby Fox had eaten the legs off anyway...literally, when he was maybe 18 months I had given him my keys to occupy him while shopping and he had something in his mouth and I asked him what it was and he said a bug..yep, he ripped those legs off and was chewing on them, ew.

Anyway, back to the party. I knew when we had a girl that I wanted to do a Ladybug themed party. Then I saw this tutorial, and knew it was meant to be :)

Here's my finished project, I actually made enough to give everyone a set of these...

Then I made these cute little flower things too. I originally made these to put on a headband with some feathers, and I did, but Mini Fox suddenly went through a no headband phase and that dream went out the window.

The best picture I could get when I made the headband with the Marabou Puffs. It really was cute, but she just wasn't going to keep it on her head. I ended up giving it to a friend.

I knew that we were going to have some boys coming too, and they can't take home a hair thing, so I made some goodie bags for everyone to take and then some barrettes for those that wanted them too.
The goodie bags, just make a little tag up, printed it out and used those candy bags from Micheal's, looks really nice and people don't even realize I made them.

On my ladybug internet search, I randomly came across this wreath...I was NOT going to pay $45 for it, so I figured out how to do it myself. I sort of followed this tutorial (I just love her southern accent), but when I followed her tutorial my wreath was just not full enough, and the red deco mesh (can buy at Hobby Lobby for $9.99, but I used a 40% of coupon, so it was $6) was a little see through, so I could still see my wire wreath underneath. After I got done doing it exactly like the tutorial, I just cut off longer strips and randomly tucked them in to make the wreath more full. Yes I cheated like that. I cut out felt circles, painted a styrofoam ball black and added some black pipe cleaners, glue gunned everything together and done. FYI: The head: I didn't have enough black paint, so really only the part you see is black...haha, again I cheated.

I just love the way it came out, better than I thought it would! Considering I spent maybe $10 on it, much better than the $45 they were going to charge me to buy it on Etsy.

Onto the set up:

The lighting was terrible, so it was hard to get a picture, and people were about to show up, so I quickly snapped these...I always do this!

Anyway, the ladybug wings were bought at Dollar Tree, for..you guessed it a dollar. The flowers and ladybugs on the windows I used my Cricut. I love that thing! If you look out the window to the right, see those lanterns? I bought those off of Oriental Trading Company, that place is a gold mine!

I used the circuit to cut out the ladybugs and flowers for the banner.

Up close to the food table:

I wanted to do something lightish and picnic'y and Chicken Salad Croissants seemed to fit the bill, plus everyone LOVES them.

I actually bought from a Party Resale group on Facebook, these frames, I'm not sure how she used them, but I quickly whipped up these pictures to put in them. I thought they turned out great. If you want the inserts, just email me and I'll send it over to you, blank of course, so that you can put whatever you want in there. I made them up, then printed them off at Costco.

I used this Strawberry Spinach Salad recipe.

This Caesar Pasta Salad, while I couldn't eat it, everyone said it was really good. I just wish I had some more salad dressing...I made a double batch and could have really used 2.5 bottles of dressing.


 A little something for the kids, although most of the kid ate everything but these, so next time I probably won't get these, or maybe get one box, instead of two.

There were 3 of these boxes in the stuff that I bought off of the resale group, I put a vase inside, and then did our own flower arrangements. When I say I, I really mean my sister put them together.

And I also got the monthly banner from her too. Of course using my own pictures. I have no idea where she put this at her party because it was LONG, I actually had to shorten the length between the pictures...I didn't have a wall long enough for it...but I think it turned out GREAT here.

A really good friend made the cake for us! Can you believe it? It turned out BETTER than I could have imagined. She doesn't do this for a living, just for fun. When she said she wanted to make a cake, I said great! Do what you want. And this is what she came up with. Perfect right? We're so lucky to have such talented friends.

 I wish her shirt was pulled down, but what can ya do? It's still cute. Notice the ladybug clips in her hair, so cute! Totally finishes the cute outfit.

We took the top layer off for her smash cake...Oh and I made the tulle skirt for her high chair and attached it using the Command Hooks.  Not sure how her hair came out, but it ended up in one ponytail with a ladybug.

So serious

Love how all three of us are blowing out the candle.

We did a practice run with a cupcake on her actual birthday a few days prior, we thought she would dig right in...she just stared at it...so Mr. helped her out a little.

She continued to stare so we shoved her hands in it...I just wanted one of those messy pictures where cake is everywhere...

Not so sure about this cake stuff...

Yep, don't like it, don't like it!

Get it off!


Such a classic 1st birthday picture, love it!
 A picture with my Mom

One of the only pictures I have with someone that came to the party...doh!

I love this picture because Baby Fox has his vampire teeth in...

and I love this picture, because Mr. is trying to get Mini Fox to eat the cake...open wide!

I think the party was a huge success and at the end I ended up selling everything to someone else, so it was off my hands and I had some change in my pocket, can't beat that! You should see if you have a party resale facebook group in your area, you can get some great stuff on there, and sell your stuff when you're done. Win-win.

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  1. so cute all the ladybug favors. my mom loves ladybugs so i've always tried to find cute ladybug things for bdays and other occasions.

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  2. I may have said this before, but you're pretty much SuperMom.

  3. bahaha I was laughing through the end there! That bug wreath is amazing! Cheating is way better in my book, cheap cheating. The banner with the month pics...that is awesome!! Glad you found a spot for it. Yummy yummy looking food. Such a cute theme. And the I hate the cake pics are really priceless! Always my fave from a baby's bday party!

  4. what a cute theme! everything looks so great. i love the cake!! xo jillian - stop by! I'm hosting a fall candle giveaway on cornflake dreams

  5. Great theme! I love the headband & the monthly pic idea!

  6. Oh my goodness! What an adorable birthday party. Such cute pictures!!!