Monday, September 5, 2016

August in Numbers

Happy Labor Day Foxy Friends. For those that are in the U.S at least. I hope you are enjoying your day off with family and friends. I'm writing this on Sunday and my plans are to take Baby and Mini Fox to Disneyland one last time before our passes expire...but we'll see how that goes. Really depends on how I wake up tomorrow morning.  Anyway, thought I would do my August in Numbers today for the Lovely Deena's link up.

24 The number of selfies I took this month, actually that is a lie, but 24 is what I am showing you.

3 - The number of days Baby Fox went to Kindergarten and is loving it!

3 - The number of days we had to leave for fumigation

3 - The number of MNO I got, amazing and much needed!

4- The number of times we went to get frozen yogurt or ice cream

6 - The number of times we went swimming

1 - The number of birthdays we celebrated, MINE!

6 - The number of miles I hikes with friends.

100 - The number of cute moments Mr. and Mini Fox had.

1 - The number chipped teeth this girl got.

1.5 - The number of hours we had to wait to get the tooth fixed.

1 -  The number of x-rays she had to get

3 -  The number of minutes it took to file down the tooth

2 - The number hard working kids we have.

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