Thursday, September 22, 2016

Confession Time...

I've always seen people do Thursday confessions, but I have never done one before, I'm not sure why. So here I am linking up with Danielle for some confessions..hopefully you still like me when I'm done.

- That keeping the windows open makes me a better mother, I think twice before I yell because what would the neighbors think

- That the reason I want to yell above is that I hate bath time...they never listen and I always get wet.

- That I hate closing my eyes in the shower, I've watched one too many horror movies and I always expect someone to be standing there when I open my eyes. When I use my Clarasonic in the shower, it give so much anxiety because I have to keep my eyes shut for 2 minutes...torture I tell you.

-  That every month I say I'm not going to buy any clothes and within a few days of a new month I'm buying new clothes, oops! I made my first purchase to Shein last week, looking forward to getting the new stuff.

- I go out of my way to break up a line of ants...just to see them run around all crazy. Ants are the bane of my existence (I am not even exaggerating, words cannot express how much I hate them).

- I can't have more than one swipe to the right of apps on my phone. If I have to go to three screens I either delete an app or I group a bunch together, which always makes it harder for me to find it.

- I NEVER set my alarm on a "0" or "5", I haven't since I started setting my alarm, and I don't plan on stopping now, typically I set my alarm in the morning for 4:28am, also my clock is 10 minutes fast, so I can really mentally prepare to get out of bed.

- I cannot for the life of me figure out Snapchat. Seriously, I've tried, and tried, but just cannot get it. All those cool over lays all of you do, have NO IDEA how to do it...

-I hate not putting a picture of something other than graphics, but what else goes with this? I could try to find some awesome meme's or .gifs like Rebecca Jo does, but I'm just not even going to try, she's the master. Give me lessons :)

I think that is enough confessions for one day. Make me feel better, any confessions you want to fess up on?

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