Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Favorites #86

In case you missed it this week, here's what's been on the blog.

Monday: August in Numbers
Tuesday: What's In My....Pantry
Wednesday: A Fun Date Night Outfit
Thursday: Fall/Back To School Wreath

Happy Birthday to my baby girl. Mini she turns 3, what?! When did that happen? It feels like just yesterday she popped into this world in a blink of an eye...seriously, click here for her birth story where I almost had her in hospital parking lot had Mr. not convinced me I didn't in fact need to take my nail polish off before heading to the hospital. haha.

Notice the orange nail polish I wanted to take off

She is my mini-me...seriously have you seen this picture? Guess who is who?

She loves anything girly and princess but can take a licking and keep on ticking...seriously she'll get knocked down and she jumps backs up, brushes off the dirt and keeps on going. She loves wearing my shoes and almost walks better than me in heels. She's my adventurous one, who adores her big "broder" (brother) and would stand up to anyone she thinks his hurting him. (When Baby Fox is wrestling with Mr. she'll run over, jump on Mr.'s back and start waling on Mr. scream don't hurt my broder!) Always wants one extra hug and night and likes to listen to both her Elsa Doll that sings let it go and her Minnnie Mouse ballerina musical the same time. Loves to read and is sharp as a tack, we are going to have problems with her!

I won another giveaway! I need to go play the lottery, or something like that, maybe a scratcher, that's probably equivalent to entering a giveaway right? What did I win? I super adorable Keepsake Mother's Necklace from Journey Lockets. We just got our family photos done, so I'm thinking I'm going to use two of those for the locket. I am so stinkin' excited to start wearing it!

Today Sheila is have her very first link up for Read, Watch, Listen, Follow...

Reading....Harry Potty with Baby Fox, and thoroughly enjoying it, both of us.

Watching...currently in front of me now, I'm watching If I Stay while writing this blog post.

Listening...not listening to anything right now, just stuff on the radio, no pod casts for this girl. good friend on her new journey making jewelry, go check out her new line, Shop BEXO or follow her on IG @SHOPBEXO. She creates handmade accessories that inspire individuals to "BE XtraOrdinary" BEXO (get it?). I know you'll love her as much as I do! Go check out her IG and follow along on her journey too.

Last but not least, the most exciting news of all...The Blended Blog is hitting it's One Year Blogiversary! And guess what? The ladies and I have a fun scavenger hunt giveaway for you! It's a week long giveaway with new entries everyday. Go check it out, I know you're going to love it as much as we did putting it together!

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