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5 Make Up Tips For Beginners, From A Beginner

Hello Foxy Friends! Happy Monday, I just got back from a girls weekend in Palm Springs...okay when I say girls I mean just me and my bestie. We had a blast! It's been WAY too long since the last time we did that. Glad that it actually happened, although it almost got cancelled, so glad that it didn't.

A couple of weeks ago I told you about my year long hair challenge, which I told you guys about and then documented it throughout the year. I feel like I really challenged myself and I think I almost got the hang of this hair thing! Don't worry I'm going to be sharing all of the hair 101 styling tips I picked up. I don't have many, but I think some of them will help. Anyway, back to this post. What I never told you that the year prior I did a make up challenge. I talked a little bit about that here.

Anyway, now it's almost 2 years after the start of that challenge, and I'm ready to talk about it...haha. I figured I'm an engineer, I like lists, you've been getting a lot of list from me lately...that's the reason why. Let's get started:

| One |

Practice, practice, practice. I cannot stress this enough. If you never do your make up and then suddenly you're trying to do your make up before a night out on the town, that is just not going to work. I know I fell victim to this. I would try and go out for a night and want some make up, but would have no clue what I was doing and it would take me 2 hours to get ready and it would look mediocre, or like I had no make up on at all. So I changed that and started to practice when my kids were in the bath playing.

This is back in Spring of 2014, this is how I typically did my make up. This to me was DONE I felt like I had a ton of make up on here.

After a lot of trial and error this is my last week to a Mom's Night Out. Cause who doesn't want to dress up, put on make up and hang out with friends.

| Two |

YouTube is your best friend. Seriously, you have no idea how many hours of YouTube I watched. I tried to find people with my same eye shape and skin tone and tried to follow their tutorials. I really love Jen from Head to Toe, she has some awesome tutorials. Other Youtubers that have good tutorials are here, here and here (Judy has an amazing family, three girls and has a daily vlog channel as well. I love how real and authentic she is, and does a ton of reviews).

Bottom line figure out what you want to learn, then YouTube it, most likely it's there. I searched Monolids and that's how I found Jen, and then watch every video several times to try and get some sort of technique down. Still working on technique, and I am no where near as accurate/precise as all of the make up people out there, but I'm getting there, sort of. Bottom line what I figured out works for me and my make up looks, you just need to find what works for you.

Here's a YouTube Video I did on how I do my make up.

| Three |

Fake Eyelashes will change your entire look (for the better) and are not as scary as they seem. I was super intimidated by them, you have no idea. Like I said in number 1, I practiced a lot! Like maybe for a few months before I even attempted to wear them outside. While the kids were taking a bath I would practice putting them on. Again you cannot expect to never do something and then suddenly do it perfectly and have the heavens align for you to magically know how to put on Eyelashes. Start with some cheaper ones that have a thicker band. I went to the Japanese Dollar Fifty store (called Daiso, they are all over the U.S., see if there is one by you) and bought their $1.50 eyelashes. They have thicker bands which makes it WAY easier to learn to use than the more expensive Invisible band kind. Yes those are more comfortable but for practice these are great. I would practice a couple of times a week, and mostly it went awful then suddenly it was easier and I switched to the invisible brand kind, my favorite is Ardell Lashes 120 Black (I have this on a subscribe and save).

See pictures from number 1. Huge different right?

| Four |

Start with the cheap stuff, go to Target, Walmart, CVS is where I started, and bought some of the cheaper brands. It's hard to find out what is going to work for you. Like I said I watched a lot of YouTube Videos and saw what people were constantly saying they liked and then would try that out. Once I got a little comfortable with the drug store brands I branched out and started buying some more expensive stuff. Don't get me wrong I use both, so you don't need to go all high end or all cheap. A mix of both is good.

This is how many lipsticks I went through to find what I liked and what color looked good on me. I bought so many reds to find the perfect red.

Don't get me wrong I still like all of these, they just aren't my go to ones. I keep all the ones I really like out on the counter so I can easily grab them.

| Five |

Last but not least. Wear it with confidence. Start small and gradually work yourself into wearing more make up. You've gone X amount of years without wearing anything, this isn't something that you can suddenly cake yourself with make up and call it a day, and not think you look like a clown. Trust me it's taken time for me to get to where I am today.

Now go out and get some practice in!

If you're interested in how I organize my make up click here for a full tour.

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