Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Valentine's Day Burlap Wreath Tutorial

Hello Foxy Friends! Today I'm back with another wreath tutorial. This actually takes us full circle. This is the last wreath I'm making with the same exact wreath. That's right, I've made 7 Wreaths using the same exact base and I just changed out the decorations. Click here to see all of them.

Here's what I started with:

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What You'll Need:

Burlap Wreath (I've been using the same wreath over and over again, but click here for my full tutorial, click here for the video)
Sign to put in the Middle (I found mine at Hobby Lobby for $6.99 on sale for $4, this, this or this would work too)
Twigs of Hearts (Hobby Lobby for $3.99 each on sale for $2.79 each, I bought 3)
Small Valentine's Sign (Hobby Lobby for $3.99 on sale for $2.79, I bought 3)
Small Happy Valentine's Sign (Hobby Lobby for $2.99 on sale for $2.09)
Red Deco Mesh (I didn't have to buy because it was in my previous wreath, that I reused)

Let's assume we've taken off all of the previous decorations, except for the red Deco Mesh.


Step 1:
I tried to use the sprigs as they were, but I didn't have enough to cover the whole wreath and there were a lot in each bunch. I realized that they were individual wrapped with some tape, so I tore them apart to make separate strings of hearts, so I could spread them out a bit.

I spread them out to make it more even. I left space for things that I knew I wanted to add.

Step 2:

I then stuck the "Kiss" "Hugs" and "Love" signs into the wreath. I did not glue or tie these down.

Step 3:

I added a piece of floral wire with a glue gun to the back of the Happy Valentine's Day sign so I could secure it to the wreath without having to glue it down.

I then attached it to the wreath

Step 4:

I then cut the LOVE garland in half so I could put them on top of each other like this.

The LOVE signed turned out slightly larger than I wanted, but I still think it's pretty cute. There were so many different choices at Hobby Lobby. And the finished product.

Here is how it looks on my front door. Full confession, I didn't make a January wreath, just went straight to a Valentine's one, so this has been on my door since the first weekend of January.

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