Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Twist On The Little Black Dress

Happy Wednesday. Yesterday I had off, it was a nice break in the week, and I have Friday off, so basically I worked 4 days last week, 3 days this week, next week is 5 days, I might die, haha (dramatic I know). Anyway, I know you got a peek at what I wore for  Christmas, but thought I would show you the whole outfit. It's actually a skirt and top, the skirt also comes in maroon, which I contemplated getting instead, but thought I would get more use out of a long black skirt.

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In case you are wondering, I'm wearing this adhesive bra. I love it way more than a regular strapless bra, mostly because I'm not having to tug it up all night long, me and regular strapless bras do not get along! If you are bigger chested then this one will work better for you.
Random fact: The lady in the picture wearing this skirt looks like a midi...haha, not on this shorty.
I actually did my hair as well, I was watching the second season of Fuller House and Stephanie had this really cool hair do, but when I tried to figure it out I couldn't so it morphed into this. Which I think is actually pretty perfect for this outfit.
What are you wearing in your closet? Next week I'm taking the style prompt to heart and wearing something I previously never would have put together, but ended up totally loving it. Now go check out your closets and put together a completely new outfit and post it down below or next week!

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