Thursday, February 16, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Wreath

Thought since I have some new followers that I would do a little TBT on how I made my very first burlap wreath. I've come a long way since then...okay not really, I made one more burlap wreath and then used that same base for all of my other wreaths.  This one is my very first burlap wreath.

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What You'll Need:

10 Yard Burlap Ribbon (I would buy this at Hobby Lobby on sale)
St. Patrick's Day Sign (similar here and here)
Shamrock Burlap Ribbon - Or some ribbon that you like
Floral Wire


As usual I headed to Hobby Lobby with the kids for some help. While trying to find some ribbon, I found a burlap ribbon and a white ribbon with some glittery Shamrocks on it. I asked the kids and they liked the burlap one, so that's what we got. Then when I was trying to find something in the middle I found a sign that said "Lucky" on it. I did find a big shamrock but it was going to require me to paint it and the kids liked the "Lucky" sign better, phew, dodged that painting bullet.  First you need to make the Burlap Wreath, here's a video on how to do that:

This first wreath I made I used a different burlap, it had no wire in it, since then I realize that I really like using burlap with the wire in it to give it structure. But we'll continue on, because I like this too.

I decided that since my "Lucky" sign was smaller than the wreath that it need something a little more, so I laced some of the burlap ribbon through the wreath. Here's a quick video how I did that.

Then I made the bow, I thought a video is much easier than pictures, plus it's hard to take pictures of doing something when there isn't anyone to help out with hitting the shutter, a remote can only do so much if both hands are occupied, hehe.

Then I attached the sign and I had my St. Patrick's Day wreath. I love it, and the best part of it is? I made it so I can take it all apart, save the parts for next year and add something different for the next holiday. Win in my book.

And the moment you've all been waiting for!

I think it turned out pretty great! Next time I might put some sort of ribbon behind it or something to make it stand out a little more. 

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