Thursday, May 4, 2017

Sentence A Day - April Edition

1 - Double Birthday and Anniversary Dinner, soooo good!

2 - Happy 12th Anniversary to us.

3 - More physical therapy, when is this over.

4 - Allergy shots, you never get used to getting still hurts.

5 - Finally back at the gym!

6 - Surprise, Baby Fox, I'm helping out in class today!

7 - Yay got to hang out with a good friend and her kids today.

8 - The other soccer team didn't show up for the game, who does that?!

9 - Mini Fox's second movie at the theater, Beauty and the Beast, and she would not stop talking, hehe... I thought it was cute, I'm sure the other people did not.

10 - Park time and special dinner date with my gal.

11 - I have never worked out so hard, I almost threw up...that was intense but felt so good.

12 - Working out...yay, it seems so few and far between.


13 - Surprise bean and cheese burrito, I knew I married him for a good reason.

14 - Traffic has sucked up one side and down the other, 2 hours home every day this!

15 - Carlsbad Flower fields + LEGOLAND =  A long, but fun day.

16 - Easter and prayers.

17 - Baby Fox just legit beat me at Chess...he just learned how to play yesterday.

18 - MNO canceled, waaaahhh!!!!!

19 - More Physical Therapy...when does it end?

20 - NOOOOOOO, sending me on a last minute business trip, I hate that!

21 - But first let's drive to Vegas.

22 - So much fun today, thanks for a good time!

23 - Home late last night, a day to relax before I leave is nice.

24 - Almost missed my flight, why is everyone and their mom traveling today?

25 - Dinner with my Aunt and Uncle, yay!

26 - Semi-productive day, why am I here?

27 - Holy hell it is hot here, and they say this is nothing compared to mid summer, say what?!?

28 - Home, home, home, home, home.

29 - Beauty and the that was long, but super cute. (we went to a high school production)

30 - First time eating outside, this might be our new thing.

Join us next month, it's only the 4th of May, you have time to catch up! It's a fun way to remember how you were feeling each day.

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