Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tuesday Outtakes: May Edition

When I saw that Lindsay had participated in Tuesday Outtakes I knew that I wanted to join in this month. How many pictures do we take that just don't make the cut, or too much time has passed to post them. Well this is your chance ladies! :)  Linking up with MacKensey and Danielle for some blog outtakes.

This is what happens when Mr. does her hair. I've been trying to get them to let me capture it on video...but so far no luck. One day...one day I will capture these two and their hair antics.

Waiting for sister in ballet..what do you do, but take selfies of course.

I love wearing dark lipstick it's Spring, but then I thought, I want to wear it, and it's MNO, who cares I'm wearing it anyway. Totally okay to do that right? This is the Kylie Lip Kit in Vixen...cause I bought it and never wore it, we make our own rules.

My outfit that night, in case you wanted to see it. The necklace is from my gorgeous friend Jackie. She has her own shop, you should check her out.

These two make me so happy. They are trying to get a better view for the Bellagio show...the background looks fake, but it's real, I promise no green screen.

Back when we went to Park City Mr. found a map in his pocket...from 2012. It was a little tore up, but it got the job done until we could find a whole one.

When you're on a business trip and you need dental floss...you use what you packed for the kids from the previous trip.

I was super loving my make up this day, was sad that I had to take it off, so I took a picture first. haha. Even though you can't really see my eye make up, I thought it look good. Ever have those days when you just don't want to take off your make up because you know it won't ever look like that again, haha.


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