Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday Favorites #115

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! Today is my day off and I am going to full enjoy it! I love three day weekends.

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After my business trip it was nice to be back and see the kids. On Saturday after soccer and baseball we met up with some friends to go see a local high school play, can you guess what it was?

They did such a great job. Belle was amazing, and I hear that she's only a sucks to be anyone else that wants a lead roll at her school for the next 3 years...

Picture with the lovely Bell, we were sad she changed, but she Mini Fox still wanted a picture.

Afterwards we went to our friends for an impromptu dinner and play time, I love that we can do this with them. We were waiting for them here while they dropped someone off.

All of the kids were playing upstairs which meant that the adults got some time to was the best.

Sunday was full of errands...2 hours of them, and the kids did great, look what was in front of Target.

My car was a wreck, so I had the kids wash it...or wash each other...whatever, they had fun.

Then our first dinner outside, it was awesome and I see this happen many more times in the next 6 months!

 MNO, just what the doctor ordered. After the last one got canceled I needed this. We went to an escape room...have you been to one of those? So you have an hour to escape out of room, given random clues hidden within the room...we didn't get out. Oops, but we had a ton of fun!

Then we went to The Melting Pot and gorged ourselves on cheese and chocolate.

As always here are some Friday Loves for The Blended Blog Link Up. Go share your favorite bloggers this week, and share the love.

First up is Jenny from Princess Turned Mom. She wrote an article this week that spoke to my heart. It's hard making friends when you live in a new city, or are just transition from friends with no kids to now you have a kid and they don't. Let's all stick together and support each other shall we?

I'm sure you all know, but the ladies over at The Blended Blog and I all met through Allison's first Style Challenge. She's introducing something completely new, a Girl's Spring and Summer Challenge! How awesome for your tween to really find her style by participating in this challenge. I know you two will have fun with this challenge, so go sign up, here!

I just found The Fitness Marshall this week, his videos popped up in my newsfeed. Seriously so funny, I love this so much. I am fairly certain if I tried this I would look like a drowning rat, but entertaining to watch.

I think I want to try this, although a little too much cheese for me, but definitely going 
to modify this!

Have you seen what Jill from Baby Rabies is doing? She selling her house, buying an RV and a truck and taking it all on the road. This is exactly what Mr. and I have talked about...homeschooling our kids while traveling the world. I'm looking forward to watching their adventure!

Hope you all have a great weekend! We are doing baseball and soccer and then...who knows what! I'll let you know next week.
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