Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday Favorites #130 + Year of Color, Neon

Happy Friday Foxy Friends. I have a dentist appointment today wish me luck. Although usually I got unscathed, I have to get my invisalign retainers replaced, which means I have to take molds, which means I'll be gagging at some point today, ugh! I wonder if I have my old molds. I think they gave them to me last time. Those should work right?  Anyway, off topic, let's get to my Friday Favorites.

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In case you missed it on the blog this week:

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Here is my Sephora repurchase haul. Hope you enjoy watching the things I buy on repeat! What is something you keep buying over and over?

Last weekend we headed up to San Luis Obispo to meet up with some friends that live in the Bay area. We had such a blast with them and their family. We both got there on Thursday evening and had pizza and then let the kids play around a bit. Then at 10pm, I decided we should make the breakfast casserole ahead of time so we wouldn't have to make it in the morning, good decision because the oven was wonky and it took forever to cook! This is uncooked ready to go in the morning.

Saturday we didn't really have any plans and the lady we rented the house from gave us a bunch of free wine tasting coupons, who are we to not do that?! So off we went, with kids wine tasting. The lady said they were all family friendly, and they really were, had games and toys for the kids.

Then after a few places we went to lunch and decided, hey the Elephant seals are relatively close by, lets do that! So off we went, hoping the kids would take a short nap, which 2 of the 4 did...

On our way back we saw a sign that said honey tasting, what?! Honey tasting have to try that out. The kids had to go with us to 3 wineries, so we took them honey tasting. Turns out this place called Jack Creek Farms, has a farm...with so much stuff for the kids to do, they had a blast! Lots of roaming kitties.

Some chickens

A maze for the kids to run through.

Baby Goats

And of course honey tasting, they also had olive oil and vinegar, and really they said anything in the store, they could give you a sample of. The owners were SO nice.

After we got back the kids rode their bikes around.

The next morning the kids played some games. Have you heard of Left Center Right? Super easy and fun game that the kids can play.

Then we headed to the BEACH! The kids had an absolute blast!

Water was freezing in case you wanted to know.

They dug giant holes.

Then I taught them the art of tunnel digging, they were all touching hands down there and giggling up a storm.

When we got back we did RC cars, which the kids loved as well.

And we touched the frogs.

It was a fantastic weekend with friends and we hope that this turns into a yearly thing!

Last night Mini Fox went to her first sleep over at my parents. I think she had a blast? As of 9:30pm Thursday night (when I am typing this up), they haven't called yet to come pick her up. Meanwhile, we thought we would spoil Baby Fox a little, as usually it is him sleeping over leaving Mini behind. So we gave him his choice for dinner, he picked Mexican food.

Can we first talk about how old Baby Fox looks? Like when did I get a 9 year old? Wahhh...okay back on topic, and then we went and got some Thrifty ice cream in the nicest Rite Aid EVER!

Yep that's right, it was buy one get one of course we bought some to take home.

I finally remembered, I'm joining DesireeStefanieJustine and Whitney for their link up called A Year Of Color. Each month they want us to showcase the color of the month, however you want to represent that. This month is neon. 

 I just got these shoes from Amazon Prime Day, my new favorite workout shoeThese use to be my favorite, and the last three running shoes I picked them, but the reviews from them said that they ran narrow and I have a wider foot, so I didn't want to risk the I tried a new one and they are so light and airy.

For whatever reason, all of my workout shoes are always bright colors, my last ones were neon pink, the ones before that were neon green and before that neon blue. I usually go for comfort and not color.

Full disclosure: those pink weights are WAY too heavy for me, the ones I use are black...that wasn't neon..these pink ones were...and matched my shoes, hehe.

As always a list of my blog favorites from around blogland for the Friday Loves with The Blended Blog

I clicked on Cheryl's blog from Sarah from Tucker Up fashion link up, and boy am I glad that I did. Her new found love of graphic tees has me all smiling. Especially since she found it at a drug store AND she is talking my love language. Naps all day everyday! She's just the cutest, go check her out and say hi!

Stephanie from Wife Mommy Me came up with a challenge to wear a dress/skirt for 10 days in September, Dresstember. Here are her guildlines.

Wear dresses, skirts and maxis for 10 days. 
Challenge runs September 1-30
Share your outfits on Instagram using hashtag #10DaysofDresstember
Bloggers - come back and share a recap of all 10 outfits on October 10


So who's joining us?!  Thanks Danielle for reminding me!

Jenna from Tractors and Glam wrote a post this week about 12 tips to a stronger marriage. A lot of what she said reminds me of some of the tips I posted back in February, just before we celebrated our 12 year anniversary as well. You guys have to go read her tips, they are spot on and I agree 100 percent with them!

Alright, Mr. is upstairs waiting to watch Game of gotta jet. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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