Monday, August 28, 2017

Our Favorite Southern California Day Trips

 Hello Foxy Friends! I'm back with the Justine talking about our favorite day trips. Since we all live throughout California I'm excited to see what some of the other ladies have to say.

As most of you know I live in Southern California, so obviously ours revolve around that.

 Trip #1

Our favorite day trip would have to be to the beach. We have been going more recently, as in we didn't go at all last summer.  I'm not really sure why, but now the kids are old enough that they can entertain and dig in the sand and no one is taking naps, so there isn't a cranky time. It really is the best, sit on the beach, let the kids dig in front of us, help them get some water from the ocean every once in a while, although mostly Baby Fox has that part down and doesn't need my help any more. It's pretty darn awesome. Bring lunch, a bunch of snacks and we are happy the for 5-6 hours.

The last time we went to the beach, I taught the kids of digging tunnels, they loved it and it took them forever to do it, then they would step on it, and start over, it was great!

Trip #2

Second favorite day trip is going to Legoland. It is about an hour away, and the kids LOVE it. No matter how many times we go, they can never get enough.

They love the aquarium, and even though it's small they could spend hours in there. It never changes, yet, they always find something to look at and never want to leave.

I wrote a few post on Legoland:

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Trip #3

The mountains, Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear are both within a couple hour drive from our house.  This particular picture is Lake Arrowhead, there is so much to do up there, hikes, beach, cute little town to walk around in.

Or you can head to Big Bear and get some snowboarding in. Also a 2ish hour drive from our house. So within 2.5 hours you can go from snowboarding to enjoying the sunset on the beach.

Those are three of many day trips available here. There are so many more that we just haven't done yet. We're hoping to go apple picking soon, which is 2.5 south of us. Hopefully it works out that we can go!

Now go check out where Justine from Little Dove's favorite day trips are, as she is located in Northern California and will be totally different than mine!

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