Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Sentence A Day: March Edition

First I would like to say Happy Anniversary to this guy. 14 years...wait has it been 14?...doing math, doing math...yes 14 years. I couldn't imagine doing life without you. Here's to many many more! Wondering what Mr. got me? Go check out day 22.

Okay onto our regularly scheduled program, Sentence a day. As you know, we like to record our month, one sentence at a time. I love looking back and seeing what we were up to on those random days. Join us, it's only April 2, you can catch up! Thanks to Rebecca for thinking up this idea so many years ago. 

1 - Baby Fox's game got moved to today, practice beforehand, he got a double.

2 - Mini Fox's game got rained out, Baby Fox got his First Reconciliation, he said he felt so happy and couldn't stop smiling, and I cooked for 7 hours...yikes, lots of food and some to freeze, so worth it.

3 - Best afternoon and evening with my Aunt and Uncle, went to see the Symphonic Jazz Orchestra, bought some raffle tickets to support bringing music to schools that don't have it, and then celebrated my aunt's birthday with dinner, so good.

4 - Recorded a Day in the Life...full disclosure, I forgot until I was already at work, oops, hence the no pictures until after I got home, LOL.

5 - Mini Fox finally got to go to baseball practice, it started raining just as we were walking to our car.

6 - This little guy shows up everywhere around me house, this time it was in my PJ's drawer (I try to keep them folded, it never works out that they stay folded...hmmm...)

7 - Last minute Mom's Night Out with one of my oldest friends (been friends since 7th grade).

8 - Minimum day at school, so we headed to a play place after school, followed by hair cut for Baby Fox and then baseball practice and dinner at a friends, full day.

9 - Baseball all morning, the kids were so dang cute, followed by a relaxing evening at home with family movie night (we watched the first Captain America).

10 - Church followed by lunch and the park with friends I haven't seen in a long while.

11 - Back to our routine, today on the 30 day ab challenge was 100 sit ups, man that was HARD!

12 - Trying to get the kids to do a craft for Mr's birthday is proving to be hard when he's working from home everyday, go to work man!

13 - Improv on a Wednesday night, made for a very funny but late night for us, totally worth it to spend time with friends.

14 - I have a love/hate relationship with Barre class.

15 - Made Mr. his favorite dinner for his birthday, I have to say I'm pretty proud of those grill lines, perfection.

16 - Celebrating our friends 40th birthday, so much fun hanging out with friends.

17 - Birthday dinner for Mr. at my parents, yum!

18 - Baby Fox got no sleep so he stayed home from school, and read lots and started his school project, son after my own heart, no procrastinating here!

19 - Sick...boo!

20 - No workout class, causally walked on the treadmill, something is better than nothing?

21 - MNO, great catching up with these ladies.

22 - Day date with Mr., great day shopping and eating lunch, where he might have bought me these for our anniversary...full unboxing coming soon!

23 -Worst night ever with Mini Fox, she was so sick, she would just start whimpering in her sleep, took her to Urgent care and both Mr. and Mini Fox have strep throat (2nd time for Mini Fox in a month).

24 - Low key day for the family, hoping no one else gets sick, also tried to make my cup turner, big fail!

25 - Off site today, don't want to go, don't make me go.

26 - Ugh, another day at a different work site, it's SOOO far from home (70 miles away to be exact).

27 - Pretty sure that the cafeteria lady thinks I eat Cheetos with a fork (was having a bad day at work, Cheetos helped, the fork was for my salad that was tasteless).

28 -Went to the kids restaurant fundraiser for pizza, and when I got home my pizza had ham and pineapple on it...(barf), I still ate it because I don't want to waste food, but there was a pineapple graveyard.

29 - Brother is here to hang out for the weekend, yay!

30 -Watching 2 kids baseball games, and some good family time.

31 -  Took flower pictures with the kids in a friends backyard, thank you friend, also tried to make the cup turner again...fail...one day I'll get it.

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