Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Favorite Binge Shows

Hello Foxy Friends! I thought this was a great prompt as Mr. and I have definitely been binge watching some shows this summer.  Today I'm linking up with Shay and Erica for their Let's Look At series, see all previous posts here.

Let's Look At...

So here we go:

We just started the second season of The Sinner Monday night and it definitely did not disappoint, happy that they didn't ruin it. So good, and we can't wait to get to the bottom of the mystery.

We just finished season 3 of 3% over the weekend, again another GREAT show, and season 3 had us just as engaged as season 1. This is a subtitled show, make sure to NOT do the English dubbed as it translates best in the original language, Portuguese.

I used to watch this show back in the day, but then the second kid came and all those shows I used to watch went out the window. I never finished Once Upon A Time, so I'm watching those episodes I never watched. Currently on season 5.

On the let's finish up series that I didn't get to because I had kids, I watched the rest of The Originals too. That was a good series. I was contemplating going back and watching Vampire Diaries too, in case you didn't know Originals is a spin off of Vampire Diaries.

The whole reason I finished watching The Originals was so I could watch the Spin off called Legacies. I don't have cable and I'm going to be really sad that I have to wait till next summer to watch it, it ended on a cliff hanger. Hopefully Hulu gets it! Fingers crossed.

Wondering when I watch all these shows? At the gym, I was out of lifting weights for about 3 months, so instead of not going to the gym at all, I went and walked at a slow pace on the treadmill, I figured that was better than nothing? So I got to watch a lot of shows while walking.

Another show Mr. and I binged watched was a Netflix series called Another Life. Really good if you like Sci-Fi. If you didn't catch it, Mr. and I watch a lot of Sci-Fi.


I think that's all for now. Shows that we don't binge watch but do watch, is Handmaids Tale (can't wait for the season finale this week!), at least I think it's the last episode. We did watch Game of Thrones, what did you think of that ending? I didn't love it, but didn't hate it as much as some people did. Of course Grey's Anatomy, Blackish, Fresh off the Boat, and Modern Family are all in our weekly rotation.

Any shows we need to binge watch?

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