Thursday, August 15, 2019

Hey It's Okay

Hi Foxy friends! I've seen some friends do this a few times, but I thought I would actually participate this month. Thanks Amber for the link up, and blog topic for this currently blog writers block lady.  Hey It's Okay: not be blogging at the moment, life is busy and I want to spend my time enjoying Summer with the kids, perhaps I'll get my mojo back come next month. be excited about my birthday at the end of the month and celebrating with friends. have laundry stacked up and in the piles that I need to wash, but just never do.

...that I want to read all of my friends blogs, but between work and kid activities it's just too much, hence the blog break.

...that I would rather be doing my newest craft obsession, making keychains and tumblers.

...that I am more excited than sad that my youngest is starting Kinder in a couple of weeks.

Last one...

It's okay that I am not the crying parent that balls her eyes out when kids start school, specifically Kindergarten, more excited for them to learn all the things.

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