Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Prime Purchases

Last year I saw Andrea post her favorite Prime Purchases, and she was linking up to Tayna who hosts the link up. Super fun, right? You see what I'm buying that I don't need/purchasing and we all get to then want to buy all the things, keeping the economy going right there. Click here to see my past purchases. Okay let's get started!

*Some of the links are affiliate links and I will  either receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you click on it or if you make a purchase from one of these links, I may also receive a commission on the sale of the product. Click here for my disclosure page.

I know Amazon Prime day happened in July, but we found almost nothing to get, I was a bit disappointed in the whole day. We did get my dad this, he was stopped at our house everyday while we were away on vacation and ended up needed to stay to fill the pool, he was so excited to use Alexa for the first time.

We needed a new can opener, this was on Prime Day, these are the ONLY two things we bought...crazy right?

In other Amazon things we bought:

This is the third pair of these shoes I've bought. Once in a regular store, then I realized they were on Amazon, these are my 2nd pair on Amazon, and third time I've purchased them. I feel like they are slightly more fancy than regular flip flops...I wear them everywhere. OH and size up...they run a little small.

I got this for vacation and it worked really well, got the pictures I wanted and kept my phone safe. So many times we'll go swimming and I never take photos because I don't want to ruin my phone. This was perfect.

You all know that I love crafting. Recently I figured out how to put vinyl on a trucker hat, super easy (of course I made a video, coming at you soon).  These are what the hats looked like.

When you heat press the vinyl on, you need to use this heat resistant tape.

Baby Fox needed some new shoes for school, we really like these, they are the second pair we've bought. Yes he can tie his own shoes, but he still prefers the velcro, I mean who wouldn't, tying is just annoying.


I decided to jump on the metal straw train. I wanted to fancy up my straws so I got some rainbow iridescent ones. Of course. They are pretty awesome as far as metal straws go.

I eat these every single day for breakfast...for the last 2ish years. I know you'd think I'd get tired of them, so far not yet.


Okay that's everything I bought on Amazon, okay that's not totally true, Mr. bought some random stuff, like this gopher catcher, we tried these, but it just moved them around the yard, we've been dealing with the gopher for the last 7 weeks, it's winning big time and our front yard is a MESS!

Mr. really likes the wooden spoons that have a corner part...I bought one once way back when and he uses it almost everyday, he felt like he needed two, in case the one was dirty...so he bought another.

Now that is really almost everything we bought, some random house stuff, like dental floss and bottles to hold some of my craft stuff...not fun stuff really. What have you been buying lately?

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