Wednesday, February 12, 2020

California Winter Wardrobe

Hello Foxy Friends! Once again Mix and Match Mama and  A Little Bit of Everything is hosting their Let's Look At...series. Today we're talking about my winter wardrobe...which in reality means my everyday wardrobe because let's face it, winter for us lasted about 1 week, and now it's back to warmer temps. I bought some faux leather leggings awhile back have yet to find the perfect shirt to go with my goal this week was to find something to go with it, here is everything I bought.

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So I was ordering some new shirts, and I accidentally ordered everything does one do that? Well I put everything in my cart on my computer, then I couldn't get Rakuten* to work, so I went to my phone to order, but there was nothing in my I added it all back in and ordered...well turns out I ordered from my computer as well, oops! So now I have a bunch of stuff to return when it all starts arriving. Anyway, enough story, here's what I got, which I think will be perfect for this Winter/Spring transition for us, currently weather is mid 60's for reference.

Outfit 1

I bought these leggings and haven't really found the perfect top to go with them, so I am set on trying to buy things to go with them. Makes sense right? I think this is going to be the perfect outfit.

Outfit 2

I think this outfit would be super cute with these leggings too, add this jacket for a more edgy look.

On my hunt for finding a tunic, I also bought these, they are light weight for the cooler evenings and not too heavy to wear during the day as well.

1 / 2 / 3

Outfit 3

I can see a more causal outfit with the cream top, pairing it with some leopard loafers to finish off the look.

I also got some other things that aren't necessarily winter, but were cute.

And then there are the sweaters that I can't stop raving about. The fleece sweater is so warm and comfy, if you live somewhere it is cold, it's a must buy. Warm and cozy, I won't get much more use out of it as the weather is starting to change, but I'm going to wear it every chance I get before it's too hot to wear it.

 If you want to join in on the fun, here are the prompts, they post the second Wednesday of the month.

, Hello, 2020!


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