Friday, February 28, 2020

Friday Favorites: Canadian Adventure Part 1

Hi Foxy Friends! I'm actually recapping a trip before several months have passed and then it gets awkward. But I started this blog to remember this time in my life, I need to start actually posting stuff.

Our flight was at 7am, so we were at the airport around 5:30am, Baby Fox (as you can see) was not in the mood to take pictures, he was super tired. Luckily our Aunt and Uncle live about 10 minutes to the airport, so we spent the night at their place the night before, so all we had to do is hop in an Uber and head to the airport.

Not sure how this guy got in there, but it crept Mini Fox out, and she stayed on the opposite side of the seat.

He's taken a nap and in better spirits

Arrived and was greated at the door by Abbie, Deena and Deena's kids with lots of jackets, hats and gloves in hand for us! Boy was it COLD! We went to dinner right away, although it was really lunch for us, but dinner for them, it worked out though. We got back and went swimming right away, the kids had a blast!

Mr. made friends with the cat, they were inseperable...should I be worried?

After the kids went to bed we decided to take a walk and really experience how cold it was. The dogs needed to walk, so we all went.

We tried to take a picture, but it didn't really work out, eh.

 Spent the rest of the night chatting, eating the best cheeseball of my life and then we picked up Alison from the airport around 11pm. It was a hug fest and she loved it (read sarcasm here, we're allowed one hug when we see her and one hug when we leave, she puts up with us, but she keeps coming back, so she MUST like the hugs a little). No pictures here...what were we thinking! Oh and Alison is the master packer...take tips from her.

The next morning, Mini Fox wanted to head outside to help feed the dogs, she could NOT wait to a) pet the dogs b) go out in the snow.

Living her dream.

We ate breakfast and then headed outside to tobboganig and Ski-dooing. I don't have nearly enough pictures with Lana, so I told her all the pictures are going to be taken.

That's Mr. right there, off to explore.

Meanwhile my kids learned how to sled.

Then they took a ride on the ski-doo.

Afterwards we headed back to the house for some lunch and Abbie had gone to get her kids from school, and they were so happy to be reunited. It took them a few minutes to warm up to each other, but soon they were attached at the hip. We had brought a few Valentine's for our friends.

A little after lunch we had to leave to get to Waskesiu Lake, but first we stopped to see Abbie's new house being built, so dang cute. Will have to go back and take another picture of these two in the same spot when it's done.

We ended up putting all the guys in one car, then we put the older kids in one car to watch a movie, and then I got to sit with G, she's the cutest.

We stopped at Deena's SUPER generous parents house, and they fed us all dinner. Seriously, the night before, while we were picking up Alison at the airport they said, hey when you stop to get some cross country ski stuff, why don't you eat dinner too, that way you don't have to go out with the 15 of with about 17 hours they threw together a fab dinner for all of us.

We arrived at the Elk Ridge Resort and got settled. Abbie and our family stayed in one cabin, and then everyone else, including Baby Fox stayed over in the other Cabin. The girls were a little hungry after their bath so they got a snack. Hard to get a good picture when food is involved.

Put the girls to bed and then we stayed up and chatted. Girls were doing great sleeping, so we decided to see if we could go see some Northern Lights. First Abbie and I decided to walk outside and about 30 steps outside, we decided it was way too cold and went back to retreive the car and drive around.  But first I had to take a picture with the ice sculpture. It was cold.

We didn't find any lights, but we found a really cool street with no lights, and beautiful trees and stars. We headed back and Abbie took Mr. out to see the same spot, it was so pretty.

The next morning was gorgeous out our window.

Okay so this is getting long and I haven't even gotten to the dog sledding or the ice we're going to make this a to be continued on Monday! Hope you have a great weekend! We have a full sports schedule, horseback riding, karate, soccer and baseball. Then Mr. is leaving for a trip on Sunday, so I'm taking the kids to the movies. See ya next week!

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