Wednesday, March 3, 2021

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Hi Foxy Friends! I finally remembered to link up with Anne in Residence for her currently post. Each month she picks different topics that we talk about, this month it is: choosing, imagining, making, recommending and wearing.


We're choosing to believe that we'll be able to go to Hawaii for a Summer vacation. It's booked, so hopefully we'll be able to go on it! Fingers crossed. We're so excited, to soak up some sun and lots of beach time. This is from 2019 when we went to the Big Island. This time around we're going to Maui.


Trying to imagine what life is going to be like going forward. We're coming up on a year in quarantine and wondering how we are going to get back to going to the movies and concerts. Right now I'm just happy they are assuming baseball is going to happen. We had try outs last Saturday.


Cups for all of my friends, and some hats also.

Making some Toddler birthday shirts this week...steady stream of business. So if you need anything, let me know! Right now I'm working at putting together an Etsy store, so if you could go like my store, that would be amazing! So when I do get up and running I'll already have some followers :) Thank you!

Also a lot of bread for neighbors and friends. I've made 10 or so loaves in the last 2 weeks. It's a vicious cycle with sourdough starter, you have to feed it, but you don't want to waste it, so you bake something and you don't want to eat that much bread, so you give it away. haha. And now all these people really like the bread, so I keep making the rounds of people who want it.

Oh and some sourdough cinnamon rolls. They are delicious.


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I feel like a more well rounded person would recommend some awesome books to read, or cool pod casts to listen to...but I have done neither. The last book I read was Class Mom back in May maybe? It was hilarious. It's a fictional story of a room mom and her hilarious letters to the classroom to get parents to volunteer and such. There are other story lines in-between, the whole book was a light read and relatable. Highly recommend. 

Other then that, I would highly recommend these leggings. I have a few pairs and wear them all the time.


Currently wearing all of the athleisure wear. Truth be told, I owned two maybe 3 pairs of leggings, that I never wore, pre quarantine. Now I can't  count that high, oops! I just keep buying more...what is wrong with me? And I keep buying cute sweaters to wear with said leggings. Our cold weather last approximately 2 seconds, so I'm not sure why I am buying all these warm comfy clothes. I'm going to go with my house is cold?

This jacket is my favorite jacket currently, so much so I might have it in a berry color

This sweater, a friend got me and it's so soft. I would however size up from your normal size. It's actually a pink marbly color, but you can't really see it in the photos.

Last but not least, I actually bought this sweater to go with these leggings. I think the combo is just too cute.

Make up is all Senegence:
CCTM in Medium, Foundation in Tan, Eyeshadow is Plum Berry, Rustic Brown and Glitter Pink and lip color is Amore with Glossy Glossy. If you want to get any of the make up contact Becky, she'll get you all hooked up.

And what's a photoshoot without a jumping picture. Can I tell you how hard it is to do a jumping picture with a timer? I'm jumping for joy that this is my new work uniform.

So what have you been wearing lately?

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