Thursday, March 25, 2021

Skirts and Sneakers

Hi Foxy Friends! Another outfit post for you. I thought instead of clumping in my outfit post on Friday, I would get my act together sooner, and do it on Wednesday Thursday instead :) I have been participating in a fashion IG collab #styledacrossthestates, where each week we pick an item of clothing to style. This week is our favorite sneakers. If you want to join in on the fun, use #Styledacrossthestates4 (because this is the 4th week we've done this) and like all of the others who use that hash tag.

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I love the way you can dress down a cute skirt with some tennis shoes. I love these rose gold adidas ones. I wear them all the time, and I might have them in several colors. I think I'll be pairing my skirts and dresses with tennis shoes all summer long. Or I might have to get these sandals, for under $20 and 226 4.5 star rating, I think I need to try them!

Bracelet (similar)

Sad that the necklace fell below my shirt and you can't see it fully. But it's from my friends cute shop and it's only $15.99. It's a layered necklace with one clasp, so no worrying about it getting mixed together behind your neck and then stuck in your hair.

Speaking of hair, I'm so excited I'm getting my hair done today! After months of not going because of high numbers in my area...finally getting rid of some of those greys. So next week expect slightly shorter hair and no grey hairs peaking out.

Here's me trying to pretend to be a model, and do different poses that I don't normally do. Thought I would share these with you, since I'm on over sharer of pictures sometimes.

Me trying to show off the shoes, because they are shoes, and in the grass and you couldn't see them, so I did this...didn't really work, but I'll embarrass me to show you that everyone has those horrible pictures.

This one was the wind blown look, I'm not sure how that happened, but sort of loving how my hair turned out in this one.

We can't forget the ones I tried to take pictures of my know because you can't really see them in the pictures above...not sure which I'm going to use for my post tomorrow of all of these picture you have seen, what do you think?

This one I was trying to mimick the pictures you see on any website really where they are on their toes...I think it just looks funny, like why would your feet be in this position to get a shoe shot? Hmmm...

Alright I'm out before I embarrass myself any more :) See you tomorrow for a Friday favorites!

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