Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekend Recap

Unfortunately this weekend actually started on a Friday, so we'll start there.

A little background, my mom was an interior decorator before she retired just before Baby Fox was born (priorities were to spend as much time with him as possible, work was going to get in her way). We ordered new drapes/shades in September! They finally arrived at the store so we had the drape man come and install.

Please ignore the bed spread, that is not what it looks like, just an extra quilt for these So Cal people. And that pile of clothes on the dresser is a donate pile

Then this happened:

 Yep they made them too long, we got a pair, and they made one side 92" long and the other 94", arg, so they had to return them to the store so they can send them back to get shortened...we'll hopefully get them back by Friday. But we got the shades for the other side of the room...woo hoo! So excited to have window covers after 3 LONG years!

After the drape man left, we decided to go to this house. It was seriously amazing, he had a whole light show, fresh hot apple cider and hot donuts to pass out to everyone that came. Plus they gave tours of their house to anyone that wanted to come!

 Yep you see that correctly they even had some help in the kitchen to help with the hot apple cider and fresh donuts coming...oh to be so wealthy and then share their joy of Christmas. Amazing!

Saturday I spent in the kitchen making these (am making more next weekend too)

While I was baking Grandpa, Dadday and Baby Fox spent some time in the spa playing

Daddy wanted to fill up the fountains, Baby Fox wanted to help fill them

 Baby Fox wanted to keep playing outside, so Daddy put his shirt on him so he wouldn't get cold.

Saturday night Grandpa watched Baby Fox while Mr. and I went to a Christmas party. I couldn't eat the food, but I hear it was amazing!

They just remodeled or should I say, tore their house down and built a new one. This was the first time seeing it, more picture to come later. It was amazing!

Since I couldn't eat the food, I was hungry when we left, so we stopped at In and Out...yep I ate french fries at 11pm!

Sunday Baby Fox wanted to play outside, it was cold. Notice how Mr. is wearing his ski jacket with shorts and flip flops, only in California right?


Mr. and I wrapped some of Baby Fox's Christmas presents. He's so spoiled!

Then we decided to do a painting project, but Baby Fox wasn't done painting when the project was done so we kept painting for another 40 minutes.

Towards the end, things got messy

And then Baby Fox decided he wanted to eat the paint, he said "Yum" after he started to eat it, weirdo.

This is his "Cheese" face, he looks scared, but is actually having a great time

And that my friends is our weekend. Only 4 more days of work, then I get 17 days off for the price of 2 vacation days, can't beat that!

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  1. You guys are precious!!! And total boooooo about the window treatments!! I hope you guys got some sort of discount in the end. And I want to play in the hot tub!! ;)

  2. Baby boy in the oversize t-shirt is wayy too cute!
    And I'm super jealous you have that fox sweater..I didn't hear about it until they were sold out. :( Looks great on you though!!

  3. YOu have been busy! Hope the drapes get back soon!