Thursday, December 20, 2012

17 Days!

I am having I'm going on a 17 day break f-it's at work today. Yep that's right, my work shuts down for the week between Christmas and New Years and since New Years days in on a Monday and we happen to have Friday, Jan 4th off, I just have to take 2 days of vacation and I get 17 consecutive days off!

side note: I work a 9/80, meaning I work 80 hours in 9 days, so I get every other Friday off.

Tomorrow is one of our off Fridays, good thing, if the end of the world does happen, at least I'll be at home with Baby Fox.

On a totally differen work related thing. They recently moved our office, I work at this rather large campus and we have a TON of buildings. We were in this really swanky building, newest cube stuff and all, very fancy. Not even a year after we moved in, some other group with more clout came in and stole it from us! So they moved us to a building off in BFE and when people ask what building we're in, they would say, there is no building with that number. Anyway, this building is AWFUL, when I saw awful I mean we are the ONLY people on our side of the building. There are two lobbies and the stuff in-between don't connect. So literaly we're off in the west wing of this building to ourselves. The worse part, you walk in and have to walk down a 200ft hallway to even get to our offices. It's like you're walking the "green mile" every single day. And of course the bathrooms, kitchen area, fridge, everything is near the lobby, so you have to take a really long walk to wash your hands, go to the restroom, get your food.... You probably say, it can't be that bad Sarah...oh how wrong you are. This is the hallway of doom:

This picture is taken looking for our offices towards the lobby. You see that brown door at the very end? That's the kitchen area, then if you take a left, and a right, you'll be at the bathrooms and the lobby. So the door to your left is where the managers sit, the door  right across from it is locked and no one uses, and the second door on the left, is a gigantic room that has boilers and other ginormous looking equipment and they let us store our extra stuff in there. Then there are a few other door that are always locked and I've never seen anyone walk in or out of them. But mostly it's just plain white walls. And you see how it's sort of dark in the hallway? We don't even get the pleasure of all the lights being turned on, yep, only every other.

So there you go, where I work. I'm so happy to get a 17 day break from this sterile feeling walk. Although I have to admit sometimes when I walking in the hallway alone, I feel like I could be an Olympic gymnast and pull a Gabby Douglas and just go running down the hallway performing flips and cartwheels in perfect fashion.

Okay this post got way to long for something that was about work. Let's hope the world doesn't end tomorrow and we'll get another day to blog to each other.

Much love!

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