Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cause Everyone has a Birthday Tree

As you know Baby Fox's birthday is on Christmas Day. Mr's best friend was born on Christmas too and seriously got the shaft every single year. So in hopes that doesn't happen to Baby Fox (like that would ever happen), we decided to celebrate his birthday with a Christmas twist, enter the Birthday Tree. Last year we decorated it in Cars theme, but this year we just did birthday festivities. We also decided that since everyone is so busy during the holidays that we're going to start throwing him a 1/2 birthday party, until he tells us otherwise. Mr. wants me to make some letters spelling out Baby Fox's name to display across the top somewhere, been too lazy to do so...yet.

See there, that's his first birthday present under the tree

On my mind:
  • That awkward moment when you thought no one was emailing you, but realized the email forward function was disabled...doh! And that other awkward moment when you realize the email replies go back 3 months and wondering, does she really remember writing that random email commenting that my son was born on Christmas (Sorry Yi-chia! Love you!)? Probably not, so from now on, I'm emailing back and checking both accounts! So sorry to all of those that emailed me really kind responses and never heard back from me. Really I don't usually ignore emails, really, I'll prove it to you if it's the last thing I do!

  • Funny things that happen to Mr. - He comes home and tells me, I have a story to tell you. It was too good to just text you, so I waited to get home. And this is his story: So I was walking in the parking lot at work and you know when you're walking and you see a leaf or a rock and you kick it? Well I saw this leaf and kicked it and when it landed it flipped over and started WALKING! I was like, what the hell is that thing?! I ran to my car jumped in and then ran that sucker over. I'm fairly certain it was plotting his revenge on me and would get me on my way back into the office, I had no other choice then to run him over with my car. I had asked him did you get a picture first? He said, hell no I was running to my car. And that my friends is my manly man, love him! 
  • Only 6 more days till Christmas shut down at work for two weeks, woo hoo!
What have you been thinking lately?

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  1. So cute...I love the birthday tree

  2. Too funny! my husband asks me to kill the spiders or creepy crawlees :)

  3. The tree is a cute idea! My SIS in laws bday is on Christmas too so their family always ended Christmas at 3 and then had beths birthday for the rest of the day!

  4. This is the BEST tree ever!! Your sweet boy is a lucky little guy!!!! Thank you so much for linking up!!!!