Friday, December 7, 2012

Candy Canes

I haven't had a candy cane since I was diagnosed with all of my food allergies back in 2007. The big hit was corn...I mean really corn syrup? No more candy from the Sweet Factory, no more popcorn at the movies...and no more candy canes. But yesterday we were shopping at Mothers and I found an organic candy cane.
I literally started yelling at Curtis, they have a candy cane here and I can eat it! I was so excited to find a candy cane that I could eat. Heck I get excited when I find anything that I can eat from my old life...But you bet I'm going to be enjoying these all weekend!
My lounging around clothes, I would no do a fashing blogger proud
I'm working on a Christmas craft this weekend, I should have that up sometime next week. So excited to show you what I made! I'll give you a small hint, it involves clothes pins.
 So weird to not have Baby Fox here right now. But he's having a blast at my parents house. They're going to go Christmas light looking tonight and up to the local mall which has fake snow falling. Wish I could see that! Hopefully they take pictures.
Happy Weekend!

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