Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It Was Painful

That game last night was brutal! Well unless your a Bama fan, in that case I'll put my best sportsman like conduct face on and say Congratulations.

My dad is probably the biggest ND fan you can get. He goes back to South Bend at least once a year to watch a game. He has two autographed footballs from Lou Holtz, and a ton of shits and ND things. Such as this, I made this quilt with all of the ND shirts he's collected over the years. I put the fronts of the shirts on the front of the quilt and the back of the shirts on the back of the quilt.

I made this for him as a thank you for throwing us a wedding
So you can imagine how he was feeling after the first 3 minutes! He called us at half time and said, don't let Baby Fox watch any more, it might scar him too much.

In any case we were ready to watch the game with the cutest ND fan ever!

That's his "cheese" face, imagine him saying "CHEESE!"

Yep we all had an ND shirt on - Really the only time you'll see me in a t-shirt like this (I borrowed it from Mr.)

Better luck next year ND, let's not let another 19 years go by before we get here again!


  1. it was so painful to watch last night and yes I was rooting for ND my dad got his Bachelor and Masters there so by blood I was rooting for ND. ouch ouch ouch and I agree lets hope not another 19 years go by before ND returns