Friday, January 11, 2013

Disapline is Hard When They're This Cute

I don't have much to post today, but I thought I would post a picture of Baby Fox in his first time out from last night. He kept turning off the kitchen light when I was trying to make dinner. He did it three times, after the third time I told him if he did it again he was going to go in a time out. Of course he gave me that devilish look and turned the lights off. I said okay you're going to go in a time out. I put him right by the refrigerator, so I could keep an eye on him. I set the timer for 2 minutes* and told him to stay. He was good for the first 30 seconds, then started to wander away, I put him back, then he tried to run away, I put him back again. He tried to walk to me one more time and I put him back, now he's crying and confused. The timer could not go off quick enough! As soon as it went off, I got down on the floor and told him that I put him in time out because he continued to turn off the light when I told him not to. He looked at me, said "hug, hug" we hugged and kissed it out and he hasn't turned off the lights since. We'll see what happens tonight, or I guess I'll be looking forward to the day when he's tall enough to reach the "on" part of the rocker switch.

*I only sent the timer once, I didn't start the time over every time he tried to escape.

It was really hard for me to stay strong, but I knew that it would set a bad precedent if I just let him out.


  1. How old is he? I can't remember when we started putting my oldest in time-out but I tried it with my 15 month old and I don't think he knew what we were doing. Discipline is SO hard! Especially with stubborn 4 year olds...


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  2. I think time outs work super well.. My brother in law did this with our nieces..and they are such good kids!They're good listeners and well behaved.. Just takes discipline...


  3. Good for you! Stay strong little Momma!!! He sure does look cute though!

  4. We never use timers, just put them in there until we feel they have learned their lesson. The timer thing gave Cullen more anxiety than just going to time out/realizing what he did wrong/apologizing. Good for you for sticking to it!

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