Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

So this past weekend (including Friday and Monday) I was under the weather, so I didn't do anything, like no facebook, email, blogging, nothing. Seriously, I laid on the bed, then laid on the couch, then back to the bed, then back to the couch. Mr. even got all of my food. I caught up on my DVR shows...which was a LOT. Before Baby Fox, I watched too many shows, but I had the time to watch them. Now? I have the same amount of shows, but only have about 4 hours a week to watch them, sooooooo I have a huge back log and if a show gets canceled I just delete all of the episodes that I have recorded. Why watch, if it's not coming back next year?

Because I was out, two pictures got taken this weekend. Mr. took Baby Fox to his swim lessons on Sunday and then to a party for one of his work friends, and then to a childrens museum. It was a busy day and Baby Fox has the bruises to prove it.

At the party, Mr. tried to teach Baby Fox how to climb...

This is Mr. before kid.

 And Baby Fox

Baby Fox is rocking it, and doesn't even need a belay rope, already passing up Dad...Maybe Baby Fox can teach us a few pointers.

So Baby Fox and Mr. had a ton of fun on their guys day out. Except for whatever reason Baby Fox kept falling...on his head. When they got home, I could see it from across the room.

Yep, this pictures is making that big bump on his head look GOOD. And you're not seeing the huge bump/concrete scrape on his forehead under his bangs. Funny story, before the big bump on the right, Mr. was going to hide the other bump with his bangs and then wait for him to fall and then blame me for letting him fall and getting hurt. Then he got the BIG bump and couldn't hide that.

Anyway, I'm better now and pictures/posts should resume like normal.

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  1. Hope youre feeling better! It should b illegal for Mommas to get sick ;) Your little man is so cute! Big bump and all :)

  2. ahh i love your little man is trying to climb too. and thank goodness for your husband who takes care of you when you are sick, what a nice husband you have!

  3. Aw, what a sweet baby fox! I hope that sweet boo-boo gets lots of kisses!

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