Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Recap - Lazy Days

Happy Monday! Okay maybe not happy, but another Monday has rolled around WAY too fast...again. We didn't do much this weekend, we were semi-lazy and tried to stay warm.

Have you ever read the book If you give a Pig a Pancake, it's a whole series of books with different animals and different foods. We've been reading these books non-stop since we got them for Christmas. Anyway, Baby Fox said he wanted pancakes for breakfast. Who am I to deny him something he wants that he's NEVER EVER asked for before. He chowed down on the first one, as you can see, it was fairly small, but he ate that thing like I've never seen him eat. And just as fast as he started, he was done and wanted an egg.

Then we decided to take Baby Fox on a bike ride, up to Starbucks and let him run around, blow off some steam. He loves bike rides and jumps at the chance any time we ask.

He loves walking around the fountain area and jumping off the random statue in the middle of the courtyard.

 Chasing the birds, he thought this was SO funny! Don't worry, it wasn't that cold out, that guy on the right is wearing WAY too many layers, weirdo.

While Baby Fox was chaaing birds, three of them decided to keep me company while the boys ran around.

It was so nice out that we decided to get some lunch instead of going home for lunch, I ordered the food and we were waiting for our food. Baby Fox wanted to help, so he held up our number until the food arrived, luckily it was only a minute or so before the food came.

Saturday night we went to visit one of my junior high friends (yep we're still friends after 20 years), they live about 20 minutes from us. Baby Fox was so cute! The kids ate quick and Baby L was in her jumperoo while Baby Fox watched Finding Nemo (for the 100th time), and he kept getting off the couch to go to the jumperoo to give Baby L kisses and hugs, and she would stop jumping long enough to get the kiss and then she would continue jumping. MELT MY HEART! Of course we were too wrapped up in cuteness to take pictures, but did get a cute kiss when we were leaving.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day, the boys went to the park for an hour or so, while I cleaned up the breakfast dishes and some left over Christmas stuff that I forgot to put away, took a shower then I met up with them, until lunch time. This boy can play at the park for forever if we let him.

And to round out our weekend? We made enchiladas for dinner, yum! Easiest recipe EVER! Here ya go:

For both: Flour Tortillas*, green onions, olives, enchilada sauce
For Him: Cheese, Ortega Green Chilies, Shredded Chicken
For Her: Steak, beans

Mr. mixes all of his ingredients together in a bowl, adds some of the sauce to make it wet and starts putting the filling in, then sprinkled some cheese on top (I added the green onions and some extra sauce on top)

I have different ingredients because I can't have cheese or chicken, so I make mine with steak and beans and the other fillings. I put his in front of mine, because, we'll his just looks better :)

*have to use flour tortillas becasue I can't eat corn ones, it's just easier to buy one kind of tortilla

Before cooking

After cooking

It really was a great way to end the weekend, and we have left overs for a couple more nights too! Score for me!

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  1. Your son looks liked he LOVED those pancakes! And I am drooling over those enchiladas, yummy. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following now :)

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  2. I love the picture of baby fox jumping! And is baby fox already going after the ladies!? Haha, too cute! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
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  3. Look at all of these Shenanigans! I love that Baby Fox is called Baby Fox. Too cute!

  4. Yum, can you come over and cook??

    Love the little story board at the top where Baby Fox is eating the egg. Soo cute!


  5. SO cute! You've inspired me to store and freeze some of my casseroles :)