Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Random Wednesday

Another week gone by and we're already here at Random Wednesday again. It's funny now that I have started blogging, when something happens, I always think, oh that would make a good post, or that would be good for random Wednesday, anyone else do that? Or do I just think too much?

Here's an outfit from this week, typical work outfit, nothing fancy, but it gets the job done.

Sometimes Mr. has problems taking my picture, not really sure. No matter how many times I tell him to take a full length shot, sometimes he just doesn't want to? Not sure what it is, but all the pictures of me with the jacket buttoned up are half shots of me and doesn't even really get the full closed jacket in, so just pretend that I have that picture :)

Jacket - H&M, Shirt - Ann Taylor Loft, Pants - Ann Taylor Loft, Shoes - DSW, Necklace - White House Black Market, Belt - Target (it's on sale right now only $6.98)

 How can you not love a shirt that has strips and polka dots all in one?! I saw it and snatched it up and paid full price. Okay not really, there was a 50% off the entire store, but it was still full price and not on the sale rack, that's how much I loved it.

Colton decided he wanted an outfit post too...sneaky little guy.

So what did I do? I asked him to pose, he's learning.

White Onsie - Carters, T-shirt - Target, Skull Pants - Baby Gap (when Mr. saw these he HAD to have them for Baby Fox, like it was a NEED not a want type of thing, we paid full price and I almost died a little, but we're definitely getting our moneys worth), Shoes - Stride Rite via Nordstrom's Rack
And now onto some Random Things:
The display case in the lobby has a mirror in the back. But not a real one, one of those fake ones like you see at Edwards movie theater, you know the ones I'm talking about, it looks like a mirror, but it's really shiny plastic material? Anyway, this display case is placed so you have to look at yourself while you're walking to exit the building. So you're staring and a morphed (larger) version of yourself and wanting to hide in hole, knowing you don't really look like that, but can't seem to look away.

You know you love your husband when he says he's not going to be home for dinner, so you pick up one of your favorite dinners (Persian food), so you can eat half for dinner and save half for lunch another day, to have him come home early and hungry. How can I not offer those puppy dog eyes half of my food...just means I get to get more next week to make up right? Now that's love.

So our microwave broke (2 days ago)...can I tell you how much we use our microwave?! And of course it broke when we were planning left overs for the next two days. So now instead of heating up those enchiladas I made the other day in 2 minutes, it takes 35 minutes, awesome. Just think of how many times you use yours...yep ours is gone, done, finished. One day it was working and then the next it doesn't heat anything. We called the company it was from, Dacor, and they said that it might be the motor and that costs $400-$500 to fix, I almost choked! I told Mr. and being the great guy he is did a LOT of research and he discovered that Dacor has their convection ovens made by another company, Sharp, bottom line he found this one from Sharp that is the same exact thing for half the price, score! Bad news? It will take at least 2 weeks to get here. Bummer, we are considering buying a really cheap one off of Craigslist...Mr. said, is this what camping is like? haha, kidding, we go camping, it's way worse! I guess Baby Fox is going to get his juice cold along with his milk (we might spoil him and heat up his juice and milk when asked). Wish us luck for the next 2 weeks, I'm having to make dinner more often now, since we can't really heat up left overs easily, might as well make the whole dinner again instead of waiting for it to heat up in the oven. I'll give you one last quote from Mr., right when we realized that we were going to have to heat up our dinner in the oven and it taking 35 minutes, he says "we got to get this stuff situated, it's like medieval times in here". Funny guy, I couldn't stop laughing.

Of course when it broke Mr. had to take the trim kit off to see if he could "fix" it (typical guy), and we find that our microwave convection oven is sitting on 2x4's, what? Is that normal? Please excuse me being in the picture.
Bye-Bye Convection Oven, nice knowing you, but you are getting replaced STAT!

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  1. You look so pretty, I LOVE that striped top. The same thing has happened to me... where my husband said he wasn't going to be home, so I get food and then save half for lunch and then there he is... eating my food. I guess we should be happy that they came home early, right!? :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. Colton is ADORABLE, and that LOFT shirt?! I tried it on but didn't buy it, and you're making me regret that decision! You look fabulous.

    Just stopping by via blog hopping! Nice to meet you, Sarah!

  3. Seriously Colton is so cute! He looks like he is mimicking Mama's pose! Honestly too cute!

    Nike O.

  4. New reader! This is too cute! My hubby is still learning how to take pictures! Poor thing. And your little fella....that just makes this the best! And I completely agree... Whoever said true love is sharing leftovers must have been crazy!

  5. Yeah, it takes a while for the husband to learn how to take the outfit pictures!!

    Love your little guy posing!!