Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mr. Suggests

Last night I was telling Mr. I don't have a blog post for tomorrow, what should I write about? He says, tell them how awesome a husband you have. So here it is, reasons why Mr. is awesome.

  • I'll start with my birthday (which is in 11 days, in case you wanted to know), he decorates for my birthday.
okay he had some help here, but he did buy everything

  • Makes me homemade chocolate covered strawberries (my food allergies prevent me from eating store boughts ones) and then documents it, because he knows I like documenting everything.

  • He indulges me in my costume ideas - I made these bear costumes, and he wore it with excitment and actually went to JC Penny to get professional photos done. Now that's love.


  • Takes yearly family photos, even though he dislikes taking pictures...actually I should just say lets me take picture of him whenever I want, cause he knows how much I love picture taking, and when we go to weddings, always secures an isle seat so I can get good pictures. And he lets me dress him however I want...this year we're taking pictures at the beach...So excited, I have no idea what we're going to wear!

Picture we used for our Christmas Card


Picture we used for our Christmas Card

Picture we used for our Christmas Card
  • He loves our kids something fierce. He says he's not a big sucker for them but if you ask Baby Fox who the biggest sucker is Mommy or Daddy 100% of the time he says Daddy. He's a big softie for the kids, they adore him and I couldn't ask for a better Daddy for our children. Okay sappy part over. Here are some silly pictures.

Play "bump" where they literally race around the house and bump into each other

Showing us their mean guy look

Letting Baby Fox show him how to walk under water

Water balloon "fight"

They brought a gun to a sword fight and they are playing "Save Mini Fox" - this is where Daddy is the bad guy keeping Mini Fox captive and Baby Fox is saving her.

Being silly

Love these guys...and turns out Mr. doesn't have too many silly faces, they all sort of look the same, hehe
So there you go Mr. - 5 reasons you are an awesome husband. Oh did I mention he does the dishes almost every night too? And ALWAYS takes out the trash because it's the job I hate the absolute most...I would rather do anything than take out the trash. Oh and he takes all of my outfit pictures for me and likes doing it :)


  1. he seriously looks like such a sweetheart and I love how good he is to you! You deserve it all! Once again, totally love how happy you all always are. beautiful

  2. What an awesome post!! You are one lucky gal!

  3. ahaha, great post!!!!! So sweet. You have such a great hubby! Happy almost almost birthday =) What about store bought chocolate covered strawberries is different? some sort of additive?