Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Randoms From Life

I did it, I wore an all white outfit out on the town. I have a confession...that other time I wore all white? I actually just put the outfit on and didn't actually wear it out...but this time, I figured you know what? I'm going out to a bar in Laguna Beach, I think if any occasion called for all white, it would be going to a bar on the beach. I even rocked my hookerish shoes, and my newly bought leopard belt, add some pink lipstick and I'm all set to go.

I tried to get more pictures, but my ride got there to pick me up, and Baby Fox wanted to pose with me..,but only had on super hero underwear and a t-shirt on, so I thought I would respect his privacy...but they were super cute photos.

So onto some random photos in my life:

  • We are so behind on our DVR shows that we're watching shows that are still advertising for the Olympics...

  • I worked on these last night for Mini Fox's party...I think they turned out super cute!

My picture I could get...

I am going to be a hot gluing maniac for the next few weeks...I'm thinking I'm going to make a bunch of these, hang them on some branches and then let people take them as their party gifts...what should I do for the boys that are coming? Hmmm....???Any suggestions welcome...Mr. says who cares, boys don't need anything...

  • Mr. reading the second book in the Divergent Series...I left him here last night to go out with some friends...he's almost done with the book.  Yes he just started the series on Sunday...and it's Wednesday.

  • Some fabric I just got to finish up Mini Fox's room...probably won't be able to get to this project until after her birthday party...but hey better late than never right?

  • I can't help but show you something that is so hard to catch on camera...but I did should be proud.
She was so happy she was drinking water from a big girl cup

Look at that, two smiles...caught on camera, this made her insanely happy, I'll take it burry and all.

And then she was really upset when it was time to go upstairs for bed...she was soaked

And that's all I have for you today...

What makes you insanely happy?

Baby Giggles, you can't help but be insanely happy when babies giggle and laugh that deep from the belly kind.

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  1. aww yay for smiles on camera! Aria stopped smiling for the camera for a while, I just had a serious baby. So glad she's back to smiling, so much happier =)
    What cute clips! idk for boys...

  2. Cute white outfit! I looks great on you. Love the pics of your daughter - have a fun party!

  3. LOVE the all white!! I also love you in red lipstick (which I'm sure I've said before;)

  4. I love the all white outfit paired with leopard, so cute!!!! And those hair clip/barrettes are adorable!!! Maybe for boys you could buy those packages of bugs...boys love bugs!!

  5. your green necklace is amazing! You paired it perfectly with your all white look!

    I'd love if you stopped by my blog :)