Thursday, August 28, 2014

Trying to be Confident

I can't believe we're on our last week of the One Year and Beyond series. I love the topic this week "Feeling Confident as a Mom" I know I struggle with that constantly. I was just thinking about this last night and talking with Mr. on my feelings on this...not really knowing it was a struggle until I went to write this post, and thought it would be with my kids or feeling adequate enough, but the reality is, it is friends. The thing I struggle most with as a mom is my friendships. Navigating new waters, it's hard, it makes me cry, it makes me feel lonely, even though I have a great support system around me.

I try not to compare myself to other people, and their friendships.  I feel like the people I was once super close with, are drifting away. It makes me so sad, we're all having kids and our lives are busy with families and other life things, but it makes me sad to think that our relationships have changed.  Sometimes I feel it's something I've done to make them not want to hang out with us (and I admit that it's kept me up more than once, contemplating this and wondering what I could do different), but in reality I think it's just life with a toddler, adjusting to a new norm with a toddler(s). In the course of a 15 year friendship, it's bound to change, and I hope when we come out on the other side it brings us closer together because we are both moms.

Wow that was emotional, so here's some other things that I do to help me feel confident as a mom. I have learned I need to accept some things, like when we decided that I would work for a few more years to get us more financially stable, and then maybe go part time or just be a SHAM. But this is what works for our family, I can't compare myself to other people who stay at home, we made this decision based off of what's best for our family. I feel thankful for what we do have, wonderful daycare lady for the kids who love them and treat them like her own. I constantly remind myself to be thankful for what I have:

 A wonderful, supportive husband and two wonderful kids

  How do you feel confident as a mom?  Check out the other mama's blogs for even more on this!  And be sure to link up with us below if you also have a post on this.  

Aug 28:  Feeling confident as a mom (How to feel this way, Your struggle with, etc.)


  1. Oh my goodness, you are so sweet!! Wish we could be friends and have playdates!
    I feel like, for the most part, keeping up with friendships has been easy. Mia and I are are so social so we get out all the time! It especially helps with my friends love Mia as much as she loves them so they put up with her, ha ha! It's hard and heart breaking though to drift away whether it be because of living in different cities, states, etc or being in a different place in life, or whatever! Friendships are hard... but I feel like I need them in my life! I seriously compare them to the sun, I need sunshine as badly as I need friends (cheesy alert!)

  2. I agree it's important not to compare yourself to others. What works for someone else might not work at all for you!

  3. I definitely have seen my relationships change and evolve as I've had kids (and moved several times) but it makes me more grateful for the ones who have stuck with me!

  4. Definitely hard NOT to compare yourself to others, it's human nature. But just know that you're doing your best and what works for your family. Other people may have different situations or maybe theirs lives are not as great as it seems... the grass is always greener on the other side, right?!

    Friendships are definitely hard, especially when you have a family. Most of my friends now have kids and we don't get to see each other that often, but we are aware of that and don't hold it against each other. We stay connected through social media and emails/texts as often as we can!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee